QuoteStart Build your software product with a solid scalable foundation. Or else, just when the market opportunity comes to take off, you may have to step back and start over. QuoteEnd

Web-based software products using Microsoft .NET


We have designed and implemented software products for many different clients and we can do the same for you.

Make us your partner of choice in the creation and implementation of any web-based software products you are thinking of selling, and you will be enlisting the expertise of experienced Microsoft .NET developers who also have plenty of expertise in the design of web-based systems.




Our unique in-house software development tools enable us to develop web-based applications faster than most rivals in the UK.

This will ensure that time-sensitive products are developed quickly and reach the market fast, ensuring your idea is not a victim of delayed delivery.


Cloud-based and SAAS (software as a service)


Software as a Service or SaaS refers to software applications that are offered via the Internet, accessible through a browser, eliminating the need for installation on the user's PC.

Instead of having the software installed on individual PCs, it would be hosted at a central data centre.

This approach, to distribution of software products, is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers users numerous advantages. If you desire to go down the SaaS route, feel free to take advantage of our expertise in designing and developing such software products.


Long-term support


After a software product has been developed, it still needs to be maintained and updated to satisfy the changing demands and needs of its users. This calls for good quality long-term support that will enable changes to be implemented effectively.

We offer you long-term support you can depend on, allowing you to go about your core business without worrying about how any enhancements you require will be captured by the system. You dream of new functionality, we will figure out how to make the software product incorporate them.


Let's discuss your requirements

Please submit the form below if you would like to get a quote for a potential project. We will contact you to talk about your requirements and come up with a solution that matches your needs without bursting your budget. We respect your privacy and never spam you.



"We are pleased with the work that Geeks have done for us to develop the RCGP Revalidation ePortfolio of our website. I have found them to be knowledgeable, professional and efficient.

From the outset Geeks were incredibly helpful and all throughout the project they have provided an excellent support service. They have consistently met the tight deadlines and budgets, but most important they have managed to successfully adapt to our ever changing needs. We would highly recommend Geeks to any company seeking software development."
Vanora Lee
Project Manager
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