QuoteStart Geeks is a multi-award-winning software company in south London. We specialise in developing web-based applications as well as providing business efficiency solutions. QuoteEnd

About Geeks Ltd


Based in south London, we are one of the fastest growing software development companies in the UK.

Our passion is business efficiency enhancement for our clients via smart application of automation techniques. We are winners of international awards for our innovations in business productivity.

We have attained Gold Certified Microsoft Partnership level which represents our highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies as well as our close working relationship with Microsoft. At this level we have been granted access to exclusive Microsoft resources and support, access to the Partner Knowledge Base, and many other advantages which contribute to our capacity to meet our clients needs.


Our team

Our team of over 90 full time staff are all employed permanently. Our delivery team alone consists of over 75 brilliant software engineers, testers and project managers who are all based in our Morden offices.

Our developers


Awards and accreditations

Our company facilitates, enables, promotes and celebrates innovation.

We use this energy for both Geeks' internal efficiency, as well as that of our clients. In recognition of this we have been granted several nominations and awards by national and international authorities.


Our culture

We have a "work hard play hard" culture. At our headquarters we have a 3500 sqf entertainment hall with refreshing facilities such as massage chairs, snooker and pool tables, indoor football, table tennis and TV games. Also there is abundance of soft drinks, juices, ice creams, breakfast and fresh fruits available to all staff free of charge.

This helps our team members to bond well together, feel stimulated and secure. This enables them to work constructively to solve our client's most challenging problems creatively.

Our developers

At Geeks, every employee gets 120 hours of training a year along with access to leading premium online education portals that makes the latest technologies and trends available to them to continuously grow and maintain their status as a trusted technical adviser to our clients.


Community Support


We are a proud supporter of our local community and have an excellent relationship with our local authority, the Merton Council, as well as business leaders in the community and the Merton Chamber of Commerce.

We run the Merton Together which is a local initiative promoting the co-operation and collaboration of businesses and the local authority in the form of regular events that combine networking with socialising in a fun, informal environment.

Representatives from Merton Council, local charities, and Merton Chamber of Commerce join business leaders across 35,000 Merton employers. They will all get together to solve problems, discuss ideas and build stronger relationships within the community.



"We are pleased with the work that Geeks have done for us to develop the RCGP Revalidation ePortfolio of our website. I have found them to be knowledgeable, professional and efficient.

From the outset Geeks were incredibly helpful and all throughout the project they have provided an excellent support service. They have consistently met the tight deadlines and budgets, but most important they have managed to successfully adapt to our ever changing needs. We would highly recommend Geeks to any company seeking software development."
Vanora Lee
Project Manager
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