Could a CRM System Boost Your Marketing Efficiency This Year?
Could a CRM System Boost Your Marketing Efficiency This Year?
by RUTH THOMAS - Mar 16,2015

Getting back on track this New Year, the chances are that your employees will fall into one of two categories – switched on and ready for the fresh start, or needing a bit of help to get back into the flow of business. No doubt your pre-Christmas staff meeting will have involved discussing your lead generation and loyalty strategy, and how you can use your client data to your advantage. The best way to utilise data is to organise and manage it in a simple way. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the best solution for companies large and small.


Keeping your customers happy

A happy customer is a repeat customer, and the primary aim of a CRM system is to improve the way that you manage your customer relations. A multi-stage process including sales, servicing, marketing, removes room for errors and delays. The power of an organisation tool which structures and stores information in a coherent and clear way can improve business efficiency and help your Leadership Team make informed choices.

Business that take a holistic approach to their customer management, with all of their data organised in a meaningful way, can systematically track their behaviour and buying habits. The advantage of this is that they can deal with queries and communicate with customers effectively. Improved overall understanding of customers can help you target their needs and gain positive feedback and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to come back to buy more products or services from you, whilst also recommending you to others.


Maximising sales opportunities

Cross selling and up-selling are made easier by using an automated CRM system. Analysing previous purchases or items viewed by the individual can enable automated offers and marketing campaigns to be set. Items within the same category can also be suggested, or even complementary products offered for completing the purchase. Storing this data and tracking customer behaviour separately gives employees across the company access to this information. This can be used to up-sell and cross sell products and services as much as possible.


Fine-tuning your marketing strategy

A CRM can also give companies a better overall picture of their revenue and what is and is not working in their marketing strategy. Seeing the results of campaigns, business can streamline marketing techniques to target the most effective technique and use time and money more efficiently. Customer tracking means that it is also possible to manage the client lifecycle. Businesses can decide other methods which may acquire new leads and prospects can be targeted effectively.


CRM systems work to increase customer relations

New customers can be gained and buying behaviour encouraged simply by understanding the customer’s needs. CRM systems streamline the process of tracking and managing customer data, which would otherwise prove complicated and time-consuming. A CRM compiles related information together in an easy-to-access and understand way so that employees can use this to be more targeted in their sales and marketing approach and use resources more efficiently. In this way, it doesn’t just benefit customer acquisition but also increase in-house communication between departments and individuals.

Do you use a CRM system? Let us know what you have found useful. Get in touch with the Geeks team today to find out how a bespoke CRM system could make a difference to your business.

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