Oh-my-gosh! Requirements have changed again. Agile Development.
Oh-my-gosh! Requirements have changed again. Agile Development.
by RUTH THOMAS - Nov 23,2015

A lot can change from project inception to project production. For example:

•    The computer project is 6 months underway, and the company has decided to buy another company.
•    Her Majesty’s Revenue and customs has changed the VAT rate.
•    A line of business is being phased out.
•    The company is entering new markets.
•    Project scope has changed.


The flow

Project planning could be rigid or it could be nimble. Ten years ago companies used the waterfall system of project design and delivery. It is called “waterfall” because phases of the project progressed from one step to another like water flows downhill. This basic order of events went something like this:

1.    Requirements gathering
2.    Analysis
3.    Design
4.    Programming
5.    Testing
6.    Deploy
7.    Go Live

A lot can change from step 1 to step 7. The changes need be large to upset the cart. We would call this model “rigid.” Others might say changing requirements is like paddling upstream—it takes great effort to traverse a waterfall in the wrong direction.

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