Could using mobile software to allow employees to work remotely benefit your business?
Could using mobile software to allow employees to work remotely benefit your business?
by RUTH THOMAS - Jul 20,2015

A rising number of employers are allowing staff to work on a remote basis for a certain amount of time each week. With this change in working culture, many companies have updated their software to facilitate remote working. Could this approach benefit your business? To help you decide, here are some of the reasons that you might consider this strategy to improve your business.


Greater flexibility is attractive to staff

Working remotely gives employees greater flexibility with their working hours. This can cut down their personal expenses on, for example, childcare or commuting costs, and saves them time that they would otherwise have spent travelling. In particular, digital workers may be attracted by the prospect of mobile working.

Allowing your employees to work independently away from the workplace improves trust. If you’re worried about laziness then you can check the amount of work done by members of staff to highlight any individual productivity issues. However, statistics suggest that remote working decreases time taken off sick by staff. Bespoke software can be designed to monitor employee activity, specifically regarding the amount of time spent working.


Better morale increases productivity

Giving your employees the ability to work from home is beneficial to them and could increase the morale of your team and see a lower staff turnover. Despite worries from many employers that staff will waste time at home, it has been suggested that being able to fit work around other commitments actually results in greater productivity levels.

Many employees work more efficiently as a result of being able to manage their time better and choose to work during the hours that they will be able to concentrate the most and get more work done. They can take regular breaks if they need to, reclaiming that time throughout the day.


Catering for mobile working

To cater for staff working remotely, you will need to make sure that they can access all that they need whilst at home. Mobile software allows employees to access the applications they require regardless of their location and chosen device. As long as you maintain sufficient security measures, this should not increase the risk of data breaches.

Allowing mobile working also means that employees can access their emails and work during commuting hours and in any location when they are due to be working on-site. As an employer, you are giving your staff the opportunity to work more from home instead of staying late, which is highly desirable for many people.


Are you ready for mobile working?

More and more businesses are beginning to offer remote working hours to employees as an incentive to work for them. If you want to compete for the best employees, you may want to consider having the ability to offer flexibility through remote working or ‘Bring your own device’ schemes. This means that your applications must be responsive and compatible for mobile use. Appropriate tracking and reporting systems can be built in to software to prevent abuse.

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