Manage your staff more effectively using HR software
Manage your staff more effectively using HR software
by RUTH THOMAS - Sep 15,2015

Companies with a high number of staff members can often find it tricky to keep track of everyone. Coordinating holiday time and annual leave manually can allow a significant margin for error, especially with multiple users. There are many ways that HR software can help. Here are our top 4 reasons to build an HR platform:


Tracking staff availability

Tracking your staff movements internally within a single system allows you to track every member of staff and the times that they will be available, working remotely or on annual leave. Keeping all of this in one single place will allow the person responsible to grant or refuse requested time off, depending on staff availability, which can be checked easily. In this way, time off can be allocated fairly.


Training and efficiency

Training your staff is easier when there is a central system to train them in. This means that when they are required to work together, or to cover each other when someone has time off, they are able to transfer these skills more easily. It also allows documents to be accessed by the correct staff members at all times, since these are stored and available consistently within the platform. Management permissions can also be set to ensure overall systemisation and reporting function correctly.


Greater communications within the company

Since all staff members can check the availability of others, it will be more convenient for them to communicate with one another. Using HR software also gives you company the change to unify your communications, meaning that all communications can take place within the platform. This reduces the chance of any communications being lost over different platforms such as emails, phone calls and other media. HR software also allows sharing of files to increase collaboration and functionality within the business.


Productivity and reporting

Using HR software, you can also track the progress and processes of each staff member to monitor their productivity and any issues that they might have. This is a tool that you can use to assess each person and their strengths and weaknesses, and use this information to allocate people and resources more effectively within your business. It will also highlight skills gaps and where performance is not satisfactory. Reporting can be automated or tailored based on the user’s requirements. This aids better decision making and collaboration.


Bespoke HR software

The Geeks team know that HR demands change with every business. This is why we design bespoke HR software to cater to your specific requirements.
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