How using CRM tools could improve your customer relations
How using CRM tools could improve your customer relations
by RUTH THOMAS - Feb 02,2015

Every business wants to improve their customer relations in order to generate more referrals, increase their productivity, see customer satisfaction rise and improve communication. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software increases the profitability of your business by managing client relationships and managing the interactions with potential leads. This approach is personal to reach the specific demographic of your target audience. You can use a CRM system to manage your customers and staff communications, which will improve efficiency within your business.


CRM monitors interaction

A CRM system monitors and records customer interactions for future reference. This gives you the opportunity to follow up leads, look at previous notes, whether these are emails, phone calls or meetings. Staff members can access and use this data to follow up leads or make changes to accommodate the needs of existing customers.

Notes can be made within the system’s history in order to keep track of individual requirements, and keep records of personal information. Recording this information gives your marketing and sales team a great way to view the process from leads to sales to make improvements. Leads can be converted to customers. Each customer can then have multiple contracts enabling notes to be taken about the company and individuals within the business.


CRM on the move

Everything within the CRM system should be accessible on the move via mobile devices and tablets, encouraging flexible working and ease of use. Since CRM systems can be hosted virtually, there is no need to install software on each device used to access the data. Instead, employees can access the system securely wherever they are, on their mobile, laptop or desktop consistently.

In this way you will see your overall business productivity grow, since employees can use the data they need wherever they are to create targeted marketing and drive sales. The information will vastly improve customer service and will help cross-departmental teams to work more efficiently.


Communication increases sales

CRM provides a place for your sales team to combine all of their data as soon as they gather it from different sources. Keeping all of this information in a single location makes it easier to work as a team, not lose data, and follow up where necessary. Setting reminders and actions for CRM users reduces the number of errors, improving customer relations.

Another advantage of implementing a CRM system into your business is increased customer response time. It provides a platform to integrate all the customer interactions that you have, including phone calls, emails, social media interactions, which stops information being lost. This helps you to deliver the best standard of response to your customers.


Real-time results

Putting a CRM in place could have a huge influence on your bottom line as your utilise sales and marketing more effectively. On average, after inputting a CRM system, sales can grow by up to 32% and productivity by 40% according to the March – May 2014 Salesforce Customer Relationship Survey.

The accuracy of forecasting sales can be predicted 45% more accurately when using CRM tools as it gives you a better understanding of your customers and communications with them. You can divide leads into segments to drive targeted marketing with better conversions, as well as looking after your existing customers, which in turn makes them more likely to return to buy more of your products or services.


Pipeline Management

With increased transparency in your reporting, your leadership team will have complete oversight over the sales process. Monitoring the performance of your team and the effectiveness of your marketing will help you to make sound business decisions.

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