Should you bother with business process automation?
Should you bother with business process automation?
by RUTH THOMAS - Jul 03,2014

Some organisations tend to take an ‘if it ain't broke don’t fix it’ approach to business processes, hence passing up the opportunity to streamline day-to-day work or increase productivity.

Ignorance is bliss. But is it sustainable?

The problem is, any business that isn’t automating its processes is soon likely to find itself losing competitive edge as better organised and more focused companies start to get ahead thanks to business process automation software. If you’re not convinced, then here are three very good reasons to start investigating how this type of software might work for you.


Reason 1: Increased efficiency

There’s just no argument to be made for manual business processes, as opposed to automated, anymore as the advantages of certain tasks being built into software are clear for all to see.

Humans make mistakes, that’s just a fact of life. But machines don’t, and there are significant benefits to handing over your businesses processes to automation rather than relying on humans to get it right ‘most of the time’.

Automated business processes are also be completed much faster, significantly boosting the efficiency of your organisation. And when you hand over some processes in this way, you are freeing up an employee to be more efficient, happy and productive in another area.


Reason 2: Reduced costs

The human error element comes in to play here too, as mistakes in business processes can be incredibly costly for companies. Automated processes ensure that you minimise these error costs, which can save a significant sum, as well as saving your customer service blushes because someone has made a mistake somewhere along the line.

You might also find that you’re able to streamline your business as a result of introducing automated businesses processes, cutting the amount of time spent by employees completing these manually and consequently reducing your workforce or finding more productive roles for them elsewhere. Automated business processes are also much easier to update when it comes to incorporating changes and you don’t have to teach a human a whole new system as you do when everything is being completed manually.


Reason 3: Improve your core competencies

Often manual business processes cause organisations to lose sight of core competencies for whatever reason, whether it’s the confusion of a manual system or the fact that it is overloaded.

Introducing automation for your business processes can give you a much clearer view of those core competencies, what they are, how you might be able to build on them and improve them and where the organisation isn’t quite firing on all cylinders. This type of insight is absolutely invaluable to business and it’s almost impossible to achieve the same perspective without introducing the automation process.

Making a change such as introducing automation could have a significant effect on your business as a whole, opening up new opportunities, identifying areas for improvement and offering the chance to make changes and improvements that might be long overdue.

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