How Often Do You Go Under Your Bonnet?
How Often Do You Go Under Your Bonnet?
by RUTH THOMAS - May 07,2014

In business it's easy to get used to spinning plates, multi-tasking in order to keep track of numerous systems that are keeping various aspects of your organisation functioning efficiently. But how often do you really focus on what’s going on ‘under the bonnet’ of your business and the fact that perhaps running all these different systems at the same time is actually causing haemorrhage of time and money?

How many systems do you really need?

When you’re building a business it is often a case of establishing a basic structure of systems and then gradually adding to it – which can result in inefficiencies and doubling up of financial spend and human resources. Have you actually really thought about the systems that you’re using, whether there is an alternative out there that could do a better job or whether there are some that might offer additional features that could be key to helping you boost revenue or increase efficiency and productivity?


Where do you even start?

Most businesses have at their heart much the same needs when it comes to software. For example, most organisations over a certain size will require some sort of accounting system, a structure in place to deal with marketing and a way of analysing data. Retail organisations may require order tracking services, as well as a system that organises and reports on warehousing realities. However, what about a system that could also provide cost analysis or give you the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by highlighting those small changes that you can make within the company that basic systems such as accounting and order tracking simply can’t provide any insight on?


What about a single system?

Replacing the organised chaos of multiple systems can be the key to gaining perspective over the business as a whole and that’s where having one piece of software that essentially runs the entire company is a huge advantage. This offers the opportunity to centralise everything so there is just one resource to refer to, as well as giving you genuine insight into the way that the business is functioning at the exact moment that you’re looking at it, rather than several days or even weeks down the line.


A better understanding of your business

Knowing your business inside out is where the insight comes from in order to make the kinds of ongoing changes and decisions that will enable it to be streamlined and successful, but if you are bogged down in trying to manage and understand all the various systems that are handling different aspect of the business then this is hard. The convergence of systems such as accounting, sales, marketing etc provides a real opportunity to gain a better understanding of the business as a whole, to see where it currently is via better reporting through system automation and real time analysis, and to create a clear vision as to where it needs to go in the near future – that kind of clarity is worth its weight in gold.

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