Financial automation software doesn’t have to be taxing!
Financial automation software doesn’t have to be taxing!
by RUTH THOMAS - Jul 13,2015

Compliance and reporting regulations have been tightening up for business finances, however one way that this can be made easier is by automating many of your business processes. Dealing with direct debits, payroll and other financial processes can be repetitive and onerous, particularly for small businesses with limited resources to allocate.

Automated reporting can be completed using an ERP system or other specialised software, which can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider automating your business finances:


#1 Remove human error

Automated software removes the possibility of human error. This results in guaranteed data protection compliance, since standard procedures and analysis are automatically followed and completed. Repetitive processes allow for accidental errors to be made. Not only does automating these save a huge amount of administration time, but also stops mistakes being made in calculations. This means that you can rest assured that your business is maintaining total legal compliance, relieving the burden from your employees. Payroll, tax and VAT can also be monitored so you’ll be confident that the Revenue will be happy.


#2 Achieve greater working efficiency

Financial software allows complex calculations to be made quickly, speeding up the overall process. Calculations are made and reports generated at the frequency you require, instead of this being done by your in-house team. After the initial implementation time, automating your business finances using bespoke software offers many benefits that result in increased productivity. Employees can spend less time on administration and complex financial processes. Instead they can work efficiently using their skill set.

Regular payments and recipients can be set to reoccur on a set basis, or at specified times and records are saved of all transactions for future reference. This makes consolidating payments straightforward, with the only manual process to approve particular transactions as they are setup. It also means that recurring payments can be added without having to recreate them, since they can be copied over directly.


#3 Plan ahead for the future

Forecasting and reporting can be time-consuming when performed manually. These can be generated automatically using business financial software, saving time and resources in-house. All previous information is securely stored, so you can refer to individual transactions to analyse any of your financial details in greater depth. Business accounts as well as management reports can be streamlined to improve transparency whilst regular reporting can help your board make fast decisions.

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