Could web-based software bring flexibility to your business?
Could web-based software bring flexibility to your business?
by RUTH THOMAS - Sep 08,2015

Web-based software is a tool being used by a growing number of businesses due to its flexibility, efficiency and cost. There are a range of features that cloud-based software provides, that are not available by just using traditional desktop software. What does web-based software have to offer which provides this flexibility?


Web-based software offers greater bandwidth

Unlike standard desktop software, web-based software offers greater bandwidth by running from remote servers. This allows the demand for greater bandwidth to be immediately fulfilled, meeting quickly changing business demands. Server resource can be scaled up automatically to cope with high demand. This ensures an uninterrupted experience for your team with a fast application.


Automated updating saves time

Updating software and security maintenance can be a time consuming processes. Web-based software enables these processes to be automated, which saves time and frees up resources for use within other areas of the business.


Flexibility when disasters happen

Cloud or web-based software brings a whole new element to disaster recovery planning. The process is simplified as all information is backed up to the cloud. This ensures that downtime is reduced if unexpected disasters occur. When any hardware is damaged, information can be restored quickly despite damage to the machine – up to four times faster on average than businesses that do not use web-based software.


Increased ability for teamwork

Software based in the cloud increases the ability for employees to work collaboratively, regardless of their individual locations. They can communicate, and work on the same projects remotely in real-time, meaning that time is used effectively and a greater level of productivity is encouraged.


Competitive advantage for SMEs

Companies that use web-based software gain a competitive advantage by saving both time and reducing downtime due to any unexpected circumstances. It has the potential to increase their overall business security by hosting private files separately that cannot be accessed by unauthorised staff members or outsourced partners. Logs can be created to track user workload and this can also support compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FCA.


Bespoke software in the cloud

Bespoke cloud software solutions ultimately provide the greatest flexibility to businesses with specific requirements. Software that is tailored to your needs will help your staff to be more productive and cloud software has a unique ability to enable remote working using the same information as you would from your desktop, providing there is an internet connection available to use.

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