Is it time to renew your company’s aging IT?
Is it time to renew your company’s aging IT?
by RUTH THOMAS - Dec 04,2014

Every company gets to the stage where they wonder if it might be time to upgrade their IT systems. If you’ve reached that time, don’t fret. It doesn’t need to be a stressful process to decide. You just need to consider some key questions before deciding whether or not an upgrade might be on the cards.


Is your business growing?

Have you experienced noticeable growth within your company lately? Then it is likely that you should be considering how you could make your business processes more efficient, and help your employees to increase operations. It will work as a long-term investment to ensure that you are able to meet in-house demands. The time and initial installation cost are a small price to pay for the future security of your expanding business.


Are your data requirements growing?

As your requirements within your organisation grow, your system should be able to accommodate these changes. Adding clients or products can stretch your facilities to the maximum, so it’s vital that you’re ready to expand with a dynamic and flexible IT system. If you find yourself getting stuck, limited by your technology resources, it is time for an upgrade. Not only will you improve your resources, but you will expand your capabilities to read your client base within your organisation.


Could you increase efficiency by automating repetitive processes?

Where there are business processes that require a large amount of repetition and accuracy, you could benefit from investing in automating mission critical processes. This could include managing customer data or forecasting. Using IT to automate processes will also improve communications between different staff and departments where there could be a need for a bespoke system to fit the needs of all your employees.


Why it’s important to keep your IT updated

Keeping your IT updated is vital to ensure the smooth running of your business and happy customers and staff. Your system should have the ability to grow with your business, to provide the solutions you need day to day. This will have a positive impact on your customers, who will find that you can take care of their requirements easily and effectively.


Time for a change?

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, you need to ask yourself “Is it time for a change?” Perhaps you have problems with your current IT system, or you worry that it won’t be able to expand to facilitate your future needs. Choosing to update or change your aging IT system and investing in software to meet your requirements could be just the thing that your business needs. This could also bring in a greater return to your company as you begin to work more easily.

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