How bespoke marketing automation systems could make a difference to your 2015 digital strategy
How bespoke marketing automation systems could make a difference to your 2015 digital strategy
by RUTH THOMAS - Mar 24,2015

Marketing your business can be a lengthy and complex process, especially when you’re aiming to reach a range of new customers and reconnect with old ones. Highly personalised approaches are the most successful, resulting in direct customer connections.

Ensuring this bespoke approach for each person you want to contact uses a great deal of your staff time and does not promote efficient working methods. For businesses wanting to free up time and target customers personally, marketing automation systems can be the key to running more complex campaigns that are successful whilst not being a drain on resources to setup and run. Here are some reasons you may want to take a look at using bespoke marketing automation software for 2015:


Better time-management and resource allocation

When your marketing is automated, much less time is required to setup campaigns. There is still the ability to schedule each campaign for convenient times, however the hard graft to setup each campaign can be prepared in advance. Doing so gives your staff the chance to prepare multiple marketing strategies at a single time. For example a member of staff could set up 6 campaigns to go out monthly in just a couple of hours, or create a week’s worth of Tweets to schedule on Twitter in conjunction with your email. This could be a better use of your staff resources, since a single member of staff could connect with a larger number of people in a short time.


A more targeted approach

Marketing automation software can help businesses to categorise and personalise customer data. Segmenting data automatically looking at various details will allow easier manipulation of the data to decide which is suited to each campaign, as well as to send different automated promotions to different selected audiences. In the same way, marketing software can track previous customers purchases and serve automated promotions to them effectively.


Reporting and following up

Reports can be generated more easily from marketing automation software, as it can monitor results and responses ‘on the fly’. These can be used to generate graphs, statistics and to present data in a useful way to help businesses to direct their marketing more strategically and drive sales. Remarketing can then be setup to market to a prospect based upon their purchasing behaviour. This also means that marketing costs will be lowered, since the most worthwhile approaches can be refined and future campaigns could be optimised.


Creating consistency across channels

Automating your social media channels using marketing software could benefit your business by ensuring that you are posting relevant material on a regular basis. This means that you can engage with your audience consistently despite the need for a large amount of time allocated to doing so. In this way, businesses can guarantee that they are making their brand known to customers.


Bespoke vs ‘Off the shelf’

When choosing an automated software system, it is important to consider which options best fit your requirements. Businesses can buy ‘off-the-shelf’ software but may later find that it is not as flexible as they need it to be. Bespoke software can be designed to meet your exact current and future needs, and expand with your business.

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