Does it pay to go bespoke for 2014?
Does it pay to go bespoke for 2014?
by RUTH THOMAS - Jun 19,2014

Business success in 2014 is going to require versatility – the business landscape is changing at high speed and being able to adapt to this quickly opens up enormous opportunities for creating new workstreams and enhancing those you already have.

One of the biggest obstacles to being adaptable is software that is inflexible, particularly as a business is now inextricably linked to the systems that underpin it.

What happens when the business outgrows its software?

All too often the obstacles that are created by in-house IT are simply the result of trying to implement a generic, one-size-fits-all solution to a business that it doesn’t quite suit. In most organisations there is very little in the way of evolution when it comes to IT – just a standard upgrade that takes place after a specific period of time and which takes little or no account of the very individual needs of that particular business.

Whether the software you’re using is cloud hosted or installed on the business premises you’re likely to still encounter the same issues.


Does this story sound familiar?

The process tends to go as follows: after an initial period of chaos, the new system settles and people really start using it; then it becomes apparent that there is detail missing that would be useful for the business; then, when management looks into changing or upgrading it is obvious that it’s going to be too expensive; hacks and workarounds have to be found; employees become disillusioned that something as basic as the IT isn’t functioning for the business; and finally – everyone gets really frustrated.


What's the solution to complex legacy software?

Well, if the off-the-shelf option simply isn’t working then it might be time to consider a bespoke alternative.

Yes, there are all sorts of objections that tend to be thrown up when you mention the word ‘bespoke,’ principally the cost and the time-frame.


Does that sound expensive?

Whilst it does take more time to develop IT that is specifically designed for your business, rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf product, we have come a long way since the days of projects like these being unreasonably time consuming. And as for the cost, yes the up front fees are higher than you will pay to buy something generic but with respect to product quality this is justifiable, both in terms of the money you’re likely to save in the future by having a system designed specifically for your organisation and the lost hours you will make up by cutting out the use of time consuming workarounds.


Actual costs

Bespoke software works the way your business works – you don’t have to adapt to it like you do with off the shelf software. Repetitive tasks can be automated to save time and money, efficiency is improved by a precise matching with your work practices and all your business information is incorporated, making know-how easier to analyse and understand.

The software is yours at the end of the day so changes and updates can be made more easily and there are no permissions required. Finally, with bespoke software you’re not going to outgrow it – the days of the constant purchasing and disposing of generic software packages can be left far behind and instead you will IT that grows and changes with your business.

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