Why off-the-shelf Software may not work for in-your-lap Problems
Why off-the-shelf Software may not work for in-your-lap Problems
by MATTHEW JAMES - May 18,2016

When it comes to choosing the right strategy for business IT, some believe that COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software is best, for these reasons:

? the company does not take on the risk of software development project

? the company does not need to hire their own programmers

? the vendor is responsible for fixing problems in the software

? customer support usually is adequate

Others believe that off-the-shelf packages, are inefficient compared to bespoke options because:

? not two businesses work exactly the same

? you cannot easily change COTS software to adapt to changing business needs

? feature enhancements in COTS products are delivered per the vendor’s schedule

? COTS software is expensive, especially enterprise systems

So what do you do if you have invested in a COTS software package and find it no longer meets the needs of your business?

You could migrate your data to yet another COTS package. But conversion is complicated, and if not executed flawlessly, can be a disaster. Some businesses stick with their current, non-workable systems, because they believe it is too difficult to change.


How about Bespoke?

It's not inevitable to anchor your business to something that is not flexible.

If you choose the bespoke route you can get a vendor to create software that exactly matches your your business requirements. That can give you a configurable system that you can modify yourself for small changes, such as workflow definitions. The right vendor can be with you as a business partner to revise and adapt the software as and when your business needs change, and they do change if you are a healthy and alive business.

As for the cost and risk of custom-software development, modern development technologies have improved dramatically in recent years. Writing and deploying software today costs less and contains less risk than before because of new rapid-development tools that make programming and project management easier and several times cheapter. Unlike what many think, today it can cost you less to build a bespoke system, than to pay the license costs of many mainstream COTS packages.

This way you will never have to worry about outgrowing your IT systems or get into the pain of migrating from one software to another every now and then.

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