Can the Cloud make a business more flexible?
Can the Cloud make a business more flexible?
by RUTH THOMAS - Jul 21,2014

We all know that technology has introduced a requirement for a greater degree of fluidity into modern business. With respect to adapting infrastructure and workflow management this means something of a rethink. You may be finding that traditional business methods are simply not effective when it comes to keeping pace with competition.

You may also have found that the pressure from customers and the mercurial nature of the market is making older tools redundant. So what’s the answer? Well many companies are now looking to more flexible systems that enable fast responses to industry changes – in particular cloud based modules, such as software-as-a-service.

Why a cloud based system?

Access to systems is key for effective delivery of products or services to a customer. By this we mean employee access to business intelligence software, such as enterprise resource planning software. This software essentially provides the resource for managing and tracking products and services. In the broader sense it is also driving output growth and effective management within the business as a whole.

When you opt for a cloud based system you are getting the kind of flexibility and storage capacity that your business probably couldn’t otherwise access. It also provides an opportunity for greater efficiency and competitiveness that may simply not otherwise be an option because of resource restriction.


Does the size of your organisation make a difference?

Delivering a product to a customer means fusing many processes, including ordering raw materials, making the product itself and tracking the order. If you’re a smaller business it will be easier to keep track of all the steps in the process. However, mistakes can still happen and taking your eye off the ball even for a moment can be chaotic and costly.

Using a cloud based system reduces the potential for chaos, as every element of the process can be tracked and managed. This can successfully avoid loss of time and money. It will also ensure your business intelligence software is constantly updated in line with industry trends. The result is that your business can remain flexible no matter what volumes it is handling. This is, of course, even more important if you’re holding the reins of a large organisation where the orders are numerous and there are larger numbers of staff involved.


Goodbye internal inventory management system, Hello cloud based software?

You might be finding it tough to contemplate the leap from an existing inventory management system to an entire software overhaul. This is probably particularly the case if the existing system has been designed specifically for your business’ needs. However, the cloud’s advantages make the investment in time and money really worthwhile. As the costs of maintaining and updating existing custom built code and software rise, the cloud based options – where updates and repairs are dealt with by the provider – will begin to look increasingly more attractive.

So what’s the lesson to take from this? Well, basically, it’s preferable for most organisations to start looking at making this transition to integrating cloud based hardware gradually now. This is far better than suddenly realising how behind the curve the business is and having to expend resources trying to correct this under significant time pressure in the near future.

If you’re thinking about a hosted system in the cloud, then speak to the Geeks who are happy to give impartial, expert advice.

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