4 tips for getting your ERP implementation right first time
4 tips for getting your ERP implementation right first time
by RUTH THOMAS - Jul 16,2014

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software offers every business unique opportunities for streamlining and cost saving. Using integrated applications to manage the business and automate certain functions can provide enormous benefits. This is particularly the case if your business is failing at efficiency and margins are tight.

However, the challenge of implementing ERP should not be underestimated – it’s a software overhaul on a significant scale. If you want to make sure your ERP implementation goes off without a hitch then below are four tips on how to get it right.

Why is an overly ambitious, inflexible timeline so risky?

ERP installation is an involved process that requires considerable time and effort. There are lots of resources that need to be coordinated to make sure it is successful. You need to have a schedule that drives implementation at the right speed – if the implementation takes too long it can be incredibly costly but rushing it could result in errors.

The schedule needs to be strict enough to ensure the project is completed on time but flexible enough so that it is not rushed. Remember also that your employees will need to have time to grasp the ERP concepts. A good project manager will be key to all this.


Why keep a record?

ERP implementation can feel like an unwieldy beast, even with a set schedule. A project log can make the process feel more controlled, as well as providing a record of events for the future. This can help ensure that the project runs to time and that goals remain in view.

It will also be a reference tool if there are any hardware issues in the days and months that follow. Where there is a difference between the record you make and the goals that were set beforehand then you can also use this to predict what issues may arise over the long term.


How Does the ERP relate to the business model?

Identifying the match between the goals of a business and the incoming ERP is essential to ensuring that an investment like this reaps the rewards that it should. It is often the case that an organisation choosing to upgrade to ERP is also rethinking other strategic business areas. Particularly where business strategy is in flux, identifying the specific benefits ERP affords your goals, both short and long term, is key. Although the implementation stage can be pressured, clear explanation of how the software is tied into the next stage of the company’s success will demonstrate to all involved why the upheaval is taking place.


Is ERP implementation a team effort?

It doesn’t matter what size the ERP implementation is it can be slowed, or even halted, where there is a disengaged and uninterested party/employee. This type of software is complex and there may need to be a conceptual overhaul in the minds of employees.

So it’s key to any implementation process that no one falls behind and everyone is thinking with the same goals in mind. If this is achieved then a business can start reaping the benefits of the ERP software from the day after the implementation.

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