5 signs that your business communications software is in need of a complete overhaul
5 signs that your business communications software is in need of a complete overhaul
by RUTH THOMAS - Jul 22,2015

How many of your colleagues do you currently email each day? Is your inbox overflowing? Do you still have a number of calls that you need to return? You, like many other employees, might feel overwhelmed with the amount of information coming your way every day. This is caused by a busy system which is un-automated and serves many separate functions. What if it didn’t need to be like this and there was a way of simplifying everything to make it much easier to manage? Automating your business communications with bespoke software is a fantastic way to do this. But what are the signs that your current business communications software is in need of an overhaul?


Communications are confusing

With so many forms of communication, and so many messages being sent and received constantly, it’s not surprising that the occasional message can get overlooked or even lost. Of course, that’s not ideal, especially if it’s about something important. Streamlining your communications means using software which integrates different forms of communications together into one place where they can be processed easily. By having all messages, notifications, or meeting requests in a single location, you are less likely to miss anything important, and it provides a continuous platform for continuing individual interactions across different methods.


Lack of designation of responsibility

When there are many types of communication being processed on a regular basis, it can be tricky for people to take responsibility for different areas. Using bespoke software enables you to automate processes to ensure that the correct notifications for approval at different levels were automatically directed to the right contacts. Hierarchies can be saved and remembered, simplifying processes that could otherwise take a long time to go through the system. If there is a change in responsibility, then this is an easy change to make within the system to redirect specific communications to different people.


Absence of accountability

In a large organisation, things may get overlooked, and there can often be an absence of accountability. By streamlining the communications within your business, you can increase the level of accountability between colleagues. This allows you to work transparently with each other and keeps responsibility on each member of the team to complete their own designated jobs. Tracking employee progress and whether they are meeting their targets will become easier, encouraging every team member to work hard, whilst improving the communication process for them too.


Making unnecessary errors

It’s human nature to make occasional errors. Using automation software for your business processes can eliminate human error and ensure that all deadlines are met by keeping the system updated with the status of individual tasks. Again, this will help with your human resource management by tracking the progress of employees to see if anyone is underperforming or putting in effort to work beyond expectations.


Transparent reporting

Even if you know what’s going on day-to-day, are you aware of the long-term impact on the business? Can see you where it is going and set goals? Are you tracking company progress? Using automated software can help you to utilise your in-house skills more effectively. If there are areas that employees are performing well in, this will be tracked and allow you to branch out and focus on the areas with the highest ROI. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to set and monitor targets, and progress over time. You should find that the efficiency of your business improves once communications are streamlined, resulting in a general increase in productivity and results.

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