What are the benefits of choosing custom software?
What are the benefits of choosing custom software?
by RUTH THOMAS - Dec 01,2014

Many businesses instinctively choose package “off the shelf” software over custom software. This is usually because directors assume that it will provide a convenient solution with a “quick fix”. But it’s not that simple. Many packages will simply not fit the business’ requirements, wasting time and money.

Where the package fits only 80% or less of the business’ needs, then either it will need to be largely customised, or business processes will have to be altered. Therefore in many cases, businesses would benefit from choosing bespoke software, tailor-made to fit their requirements. Here are 7 benefits of choosing custom software for your business:


#1 Only pay for what you need

Instead of buying an expensive software package that comes with extra features that you won’t even use, custom software can be designed to fit all of your needs whilst being easier to use and performing more efficiently.


#2 There are no growing costs

Package software can cost your more over time as more users are added. Unlike package software, custom software does not incur additional licence fee costs when your business expands, meaning that there are no unexpected expenses.


#3 It is designed to fit

Package software will never exactly cater for your needs. In some areas you will either have to compromise your business functions or customise the software, which can be time consuming. In the case of custom software, it will do exactly what you need it to without changing anything.


#4 There are no ties to technology vendors

Buying a package relies somewhat on the technology of the vendor, such as them adding features that you need, and being able to support new technology. Without these things, plus the possibility of them discontinuing supporting your platform, your business can suffer. Bespoke software does not have these issues since it is made to fit your exact business requirements, and be flexible as they evolve.


#5 Quick implementation with Agile software

For a quicker implementation of custom software, you can use an Agile approach. This means that you increase your investment value as each phase looks at the most important features. You can have greater flexibility, at a faster rate.


#6 Cutting consultant costs

When you buy a software package, you are most likely also paying for high-end consultants to do the implementation for you, incurring large service charges. Using custom software could save you money by allowing you to choose a development organisation within your budget and compatible with your existing technology.


#7 Giving you ownership

Only by using bespoke software will you ever own the rights to it. Package software is never truly your own, with it being the responsibility of the vendor to make improvements, but with custom software, you can implement what you like and gain an edge over your competitors.

If you need help choosing software that is right for your business, and want to know more about custom software, speak to one of the Geeks today.

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