How HR software can help you manage your staff more effectively
How HR software can help you manage your staff more effectively
by RUTH THOMAS - Jan 13,2015

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your staff then you might be surprised to find that business software could help more than you had thought. Routine administration tasks could be reduced and HR software could be built to make it easier to manage your team, whilst also freeing your time to focus on more business-critical tasks.


Common uses of HR software

There are several uses for HR software and every business is different. The most common tasks required to improve business efficiency are as follows:
- Manage staff holiday
- Manage sick leave
- Manage staff training
- Ensure equal opportunities
- Give performance reporting
- Manage appraisals
Here are 5 useful features that your HR software should include to help you manage your staff more effectively.


#1 Greater working flexibility

With all of your important files stored online or in the Cloud, you are able to access and work on files whatever your geographical location. These files are therefore backed up securely, and extremely easy to locate with authorisation granted through internal passwords or 2-factor authentication. This gives employees greater working flexibility, increasing overall productivity and general communications in-house.


#2 It’s holiday time

When you have a large number of employees, it can be difficult to give equal priorities for taking time off and booking holidays. With HR software, you can easily define shift patterns using the system, and staff members are able to request periods of time off, which will then need to be submitted for approval by the managing staff. Integrated calendars mean that these managers are able to view employee schedules and decide times which are suitable to have off, and others which are not. HR software reduces management pains and you’ll always remain up to date with what is going on – even if you are out of the office.


#3 Everything in a single location

Using spreadsheets to keep track of staff data can prove challenging as the number of them grows. This method also presents security concerns with the management of employees’ personal data. With HR software you are able to combine all of your data into a single place, where it is easily accessible and centrally managed. This increases security as information can all be protected with access to it restricted to the appropriate line manager.


#4 Reporting made simple

With HR software it is extremely simple to consolidate all of your data and to generate reports. You can clearly see the holiday, sick days etc. that have been taken by each employee and compare statistics. Generating reports regularly will give you a greater understanding of your staff members, and their progress within your company. Training requirements and appraisals can easily be managed to ensure your team progress.


#5 Bespoke HR software solutions

The benefits of HR software are evident, however they are about to get better. With custom-made software, you will be able to manage your staff specifically to the requirements that you need to measure. This will differ within organisations. Personalised HR software will give you the ability to streamline your business processes even more, helping to make your team more effective.

For more advice about bespoke HR software for your business, get in touch with one of the Geeks team today.

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