How to keep track of employee progress using bespoke HR software
How to keep track of employee progress using bespoke HR software
by RUTH THOMAS - May 20,2015

Businesses with a large number of staff members can find it difficult to keep track of the day-to-day details of each employee. Companies experiencing a high turnover of staff can also experience a high volume of HR work. Whether you’re taking on new staff, trying to sort your current employee data, or refining your HR strategy, a bespoke HR software system can make all the difference. It can save you a lot of time by ensuring that all the data you need is right at your fingertips.


Virtual staff management

The benefit of HR software is that it stores all of your employee information virtually. This means that data is stored securely and preserved online. Data can be accessed from other authorised sources such as personal mobiles, tablets or other desktops. You can be connected to your team more effectively and establish better communication wherever your location.


Automating your HR documentation

Automating your HR processes will give you more time to focus on your strengths. You will not be drowned in the constant paperwork of day-to-day staff maintenance tasks which can be completed automatically instead through your HR software. Examples of documents that can be automated include:

- Annual leave requests
- New starter forms
- Contracts
- Performance management


Sorting data and confidentiality

Spreadsheets may seem like the easy option but as soon as you have a range of information for each of your staff members, it soon becomes simply unmanageable within just a spreadsheet. HR software enables you to manage your staff data online, including their name and personal details, financial and payroll information. HR software gives you the ability to search for and sort data efficiently so that all of your data remains organised, and secure. Using HR software can increase your security by allowing you to limit access to information using passwords and restrictions.


Managing your staff calendar

With a number of staff members with varying tasks and hours, automating the process of defining shift patterns simply by entering a selection of requirements, will save a huge amount of time. Other functions can also be useful, such as simplifying your process for responding to time-off requests. This can be integrated with your existing calendar and email systems to work together. Managers can be setup with appropriate permissions to approve holiday of team members and any appraisals, grievances or employment documentation can be stored against each record.


Details ready to access and use

HR software allows you to track each individual, their hours and progress. You can see who is adding the most value to the company, and anyone who isn't working to their best ability. When you’re trying to decide budgets and think about giving staff a pay rise, HR software can present you with the information that you require quickly and in a simple way. Reporting features provide management with strategic insight which improves efficiency and helps leaders make better resource decisions.

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