Software for working remotely can increase employee satisfaction
Software for working remotely can increase employee satisfaction
by RUTH THOMAS - Oct 21,2015

On average, 1/3 of employees in the UK are now able to work away from the office on a regular basis. This can save businesses money, as well as offering clear benefits for employees who can work from home, or any other location. It also means that in the event of not being able to reach the office, work will still be completed without downtime.


Employee incentives

Whether it’s to help provide more flexible working hours, to simply reduce the days employees have to commute for, or to allow them to work on-the-go, remote working is now a more frequently offered employee incentive. More and more people find the ability to fit their work around other commitments appealing, whether these are hobbies, or spending time with family and friends. To compete for the best candidates within your company, it’s important to be able to offer the ability to work remotely and keep up with what other companies are offering.


Rise of “bring your-own-device” schemes

Despite worries about security, “bring-your-own-device” schemes are still growing in popularity with many companies, particularly those with a high staff turnover or a large number of employees. Software can be used that will allow them to use their own personal laptop or other mobile device when they’re away from the office, at home or even during their commute, with internet access.

This is a cost-effective way to make sure that employees can work in their own time and in any location without the need to buy a lot of expensive hardware. It also means that employees can work on a single device that is already familiar to them.


Remote working can increase productivity

Perhaps surprisingly, employees working from home are statistically more productive than those working from their workplace daily. Mobile working encourages employees to work at their peak times when they will be the most focussed, as well as giving them the chance to work late without having to commute home afterwards, saving time overall and encouraging them to work longer hours when needed.


Mobile-optimised software and virtual desktops

Mobile-optimised software is what makes it possible for employees to work from home with access to the same tools. Virtual desktops enable users to house all their applications in the cloud with a single storage facility.

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