Four benefits of Unified Communications Software
Four benefits of Unified Communications Software
by RUTH THOMAS - Nov 30,2015

Unified communications software is gradually being adopted by businesses due to recent advances in technology but more importantly for the benefits that can be seen across many areas of the organisation. Unified communications can help employees being able to manage their time more effectively, or improving in-house communication. This can bring greater productivity for employees onsite and those working remotely – too.


The growth of instant messaging within business

Businesses often have a number of different methods of written communications, including email, text messaging and instant messaging. This can mean that conversations become broken across different platforms, and some communications can be overlooked. Effective message management and bringing all messaging platforms into one single unified communications software solution will reduce the likelihood of any communications being lost.


Time saving through unified communications

As well as the practical benefits of bringing all communications into a single location, as much as 20 minutes per employee could be saved per day through unifying communications. All communications can be seen in one place, and all updated messages will be displayed in real time. This means that all those with access can easily keep up-to-date at all times. This will save each employee time trying to search for past correspondences before contacting customers.


Greater employee productivity in any location

Unified communications also increases in-house productivity since it makes communicating with other staff members easier. This is more convenient for those working remotely, since they will have access to the same data as those in the workplace. No communications will be lost, and it is easier to converse across different platforms regardless of the location of each individual.


Bespoke unified communications software

Not every company has the same communications requirements. They each work with different platforms and have preferred methods of communicating. It is important to find what works for you and find a way to bring these together using software to improve your communications.

Unified communications software works to increase clarity and collaboration for in-house and external communications alike. Get in touch with the Geeks team for more information today on 0845 643 6229.

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