How could Unified Communications make working more efficient?
How could Unified Communications make working more efficient?
by RUTH THOMAS - May 18,2015

Businesses can often face the question “how can we work more efficiently?” The more efficiently staff are able to work, the more productive they are and this will help them to reach your goals more quickly. Software for joining working platforms together can increase your work speed. As more and more businesses move towards virtualisation, unified communications is becoming more popular in order to increase communication and quality within companies. So why does unified communications making working more efficient?


Increased interaction speed and simplicity

Unifying your communications means that maintaining contact with other staff members is easier. You may choose to send a message to your co-worker via email, yet they can choose to receive it using their phone. You can use a combination of media in a single interaction and respond in real time, with every communication being displayed as a unified user-interface which is able to be used across many different devices. This removes the confusion of using different media for different types of communications, and allows an ongoing interaction between staff within a single platform.


Added efficiency on-the-go

As well as interacting in-house, communications outside of the office can be made more efficient. “Bring Your Own Device” is a strategy being implemented by a growing number of businesses, allowing employees to work from their own personal mobile device, laptop or tablet. They have access to their emails, work files and data through unified communications software, giving them the ability to also communicate to the rest of their team when out of the office.

For example, should an employee meet with a potential client, they will not only be able to show the person the information that they need by using their access to data outside of the office, but also communicate back to their team in-house; whilst sharing and saving any information gathered about the new contact and their business.


Greater teamwork and data maintenance

In a busy work environment where a large number of messages are being sent via different mediums all the time, it is easy for data and communications to be lost. Unifying all of your communications into a single platform prevents loss of data and maintains clear interactions. Sharing is made easy, which saves valuable time and effort by giving the ability to respond immediately.

Instant messaging as well as SMS, integrated forums and emails, make team collaboration easier. Projects can be assigned, monitored and completed more efficiently when teams utilise unified communications.

Team efficiency will improve as they can complete client processes more quickly by using a central system. Similarly, meetings can be held using video conferencing where necessary, allowing meetings to take place even when some members were not able to physically attend.

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