Four Tech Tips to Improve Business Efficiency
Four Tech Tips to Improve Business Efficiency
by RUTH THOMAS - Sep 01,2014

Agility, flexibility and scalability were the top three characteristics that helped to define successful British businesses in 2013. However, these factors alone are not sufficient to increase overall business efficiency. Technology and more specifically bespoke software, has been proven to increase profits, streamlining processes and improving business efficiency.

Many companies struggle to stay ahead of the curve due to aging technology that can’t keep up to date with the growing demands of the business. With escalating pressures on organisations to handle increasing workloads with evolving software, it’s not always easy for corporate leaders to find the right technical solution to improve business efficiency.

Here’s our four top tips to help you use technology to improve efficiency.


#1 Automate Complex Processes

Bespoke software to automate complex processes will save you time, and create a system which is easier to use. Automation streamlines the business, reducing staff hours on managing data whilst ensuring that there is complete transparency in your reporting. It is also more cost effective as it will reduce staff hours and additional checks on data.


#2 Handle Data Centrally

The benefit of handling data centrally is that large amounts of data can be processed quickly and efficiently. This creates better reporting and transparency, and means that all the data is in one place, making it easier to use. Businesses are producing more and more information. Having client and prospect data integrated into bespoke software ensures continuity between business departments across territories.


#3 Utilise Web-based applications over on-premise solutions

Cloud based applications are managed centrally, meaning that they can be accessed by users anywhere via mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones or laptops. This leads to increased flexibility for users, providing them with the ability to work from home or any other location. The concept of bringing your own device to work is growing in popularity. Cloud systems typically are more cost effective and enjoy better uptime SLAs than on-premise solutions.


#4 Invest in bespoke software over “off the shelf” solutions

Choosing bespoke software means that it can be tailored to your specific needs. “Off the shelf” systems often include information that is unnecessary to the smooth running of the business. Customisation of “off the shelf” systems can become complex and can sometimes result in a disjointed system. Bespoke software is designed to meet your exact requirements and will often achieve a better return on investment in the long run.

To find out how Geeks can help to create the perfect business solution for you, speak to one of our team today. Our creative approach to bespoke business software enables you to get the very best solution to improve your business efficiency.

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