Sales Automation Software could give your business a boost in 2015
Sales Automation Software could give your business a boost in 2015
by RUTH THOMAS - Feb 19,2015

Businesses are always looking to increase their sales by increasing customer satisfaction and working more efficiently. Sales automation software is just one thing that businesses can implement to help their sales process. Sales software automates the time-consuming administrative-based tasks associated with the sales process, including repetitive tasks, to free up time for the sales team to get on with their daily duties and generate sales. But what are the 5 biggest advantages of Sales Automation Software?


#1 Better time management for your sales team

Automation software allows processes to be scheduled, for example diarising meetings, sending follow-up emails, making updates to individual sales and keeping track of existing and new contacts. Generation of estimates, proposals, quotes and invoices is simplified by automatically generating using customer details ready for the sales representative to use. All information is stored to be easily accessible by staff members on the go, for example order status, which therefore helps overall customer communication and encourages long-term loyalty.


#2 Always having a point of contact for customers

CRM automated systems help sales as they compile the information relating to one customer together in order to provide a clear and concise tracking of their actions and the customer relationship. Being able to access this information gives sales staff the ability to respond more quickly to customer enquiries via phone or email, leaving your customers satisfied and time free to engage with new customers. There are several advantages of producing a bespoke CRM in preference to the off the shelf comparison. Integrating sales processes into your software could improve business agility and efficiency.


#3 Increased overall revenue

Sales team members (with more time made free due to the automation of repetitive tasks) are able to utilise their time better. They will be able to spend more time talking on the phone and directly engaging with potential and existing customers to increase overall sales and profit. Sales automation software also enables tracking of customer activity to see which customers to target that are bringing in the highest revenue. Direct interaction gives them the opportunity to upsell and cross sell with clients based upon suggested items/services by looking at what they have browsed, shown interest in and their purchase history – all recorded by the sales automation software.


#4 Keeping track of competitors

Sales automation software also enables teams to see what their competitors are doing. This gives them a chance to act on open opportunities and keep up with their peers. The software can update records, getting rid of duplicate data, outdated entries whilst inputting new, up-to-date data. Sales automation software can be fully integrated to incorporate existing data from various sources in the business.


#5 In-house management and reporting

Sales managers will find that they can monitor the work of each individual. This will result in better in-house communication and conversion since it will be clear which member of staff has dealt with and is dealing with specific customers, complaints and sales. Following up on sales is made simpler as all database is stored within the customer base, and activity surrounding each customer is tracked.

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