Software Development in the Cloud – overcoming security concerns
Software Development in the Cloud – overcoming security concerns
by RUTH THOMAS - Apr 14,2014

Cloud computing has been something of a revolution for the software development industry over the last 5 years. The Cloud allows us to use virtualised pools of storage to take the place of traditional physical servers. This has opened up numerous possibilities for document management as well as making software scalable and more accessible for users, from any device regardless of geographic location. Server uptime, resilience and security are all other factors that are enhanced by the use of cloud technology.

Software as a service (SaaS) has enabled products to be rolled out through the cloud, cutting costs for business and enhancing usability. The days of sending software on CDs are over!

However, some people still have reservations over how secure the cloud really is, particularly when it comes to SaaS deployments. The idea of essentially handing over all your data to a third party can be a little unnerving. As experts in designing and building reliable Cloud-based SaaS solutions, we are pretty convinced of the benefits offered by the cloud, and the fact that it is a secure option no matter how important the data.

With that in mind, here are a few things to consider to ensure your cloud solution remains secure.


Password Authentication

Every day we all have to enter a username and password to access a broad swathe of information, from email accounts, through to bank details and online delivery services.

With a large number of passwords to remember it can be tempting to choose something simple that you won’t have to go through the hassle of prompting if you forget. However, be warned that, according to research recently published the password that was the most hacked in 2013 was ‘12345’ and in 2012 it was ‘password.’

If you want to make sure you have a secure password then try to combine factors such as numbers and letter, capitalisation and punctuation. Avoid choosing anything obvious and never use names.

At Geeks, our SaaS solutions can automatically encrypt your password options or utilize the latest security protocols such as two factor authentication to ensure your software remains secure.


Sensible Security

You might have the most unbreakable security passwords in the world for your software but if they are known to 20 people then the likelihood of someone writing them down, being overlooked typing them in, or accidentally giving them away is much higher. At Geeks, we ensure that each individual has their own dedicated credentials. These can authenticate through Google, or a number of social networks to ensure the appropriate user gains access securely. Setting up user permissions will ensure that only the right personnel have access to the right areas within your system.


Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

If you have any concerns about multi-tenanted cloud hosted options, then there are a number of different options: private cloud, public cloud or even a hybrid cloud.

The private cloud provides a dedicated, secure environment accessible only to a single client whereas the public cloud enables your storage pool to dynamically burst into the Cloud, allowing greater scalability. Hybrid solutions combine an element of both public and private and can be useful for software that will have peak usage such as an online ticketing system.


Choosing the Right Partner for your project

Infrastructure security can be boosted by multi-tiered security options within the data centre that can improve the security settings behind the firewall. Whilst the dedicated option is often more expensive, the fact that it is unique to a single organisation means that the private cloud can be tailored to provide a bespoke cloud storage solution for your software.

At Geeks, we take care of all your software requirements to ensure that the infrastructure – hosted or on-premise, remains secure and optimised to your solution. If you would like to find out more about developing a SaaS solution, then get in touch with our friendly team today.

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