Use Workflow to Reduce the Email Blizzard
Use Workflow to Reduce the Email Blizzard
by PAYMON KHAMOOSHI - May 03,2016

The problem with email is that:

  • A: people get too much of it
  • B: it is not a business object
  • C: there is no responsible party (accountability) attached to the item in an automated way.

Regarding issue (A), email volume, people either:
  1. do not read all of the emails they receive
  2. read only the first part of the email
  3. don’t read it at all
  4. after reading it, lose it

Regarding issue (B), email is not a business object: it is ordinary text. It is not an item like a purchase order that you approve or a shipping document that you can use to acknowledge receipt in a structured way.

Regarding issue (C), email lacks accountability: There is no enforced follow through. If the work mentioned in the email does not get done it just disappears; It can be easily forgotten.

Email is an important tool for communication. But for executing business processes it falls short for the reasons mentioned above.


What's the alternative?

For business processes, do not use email; use workflow. A workflow item contains a message as does email, but it is also a business object that includes accountability, because it is routed to specific individuals. No one can hide from workflow; it remains in the queue until someone on the distribution list takes ownership. Workflow thus solves issues (A) ordinary text and (C) accountability.

When the individual picks an item from the workflow, she takes ownership of what is now a business process item. This solves issue (B), making the message an item. The recipient takes some action: he makes a payment, acknowledges shipment, or gives approval.

At Geeks we have built many workflow-driven systems that mirror our clients' business processes, and can do that for many more.

We can show you how this works with customer case studies. For example, we built workflow into a software solution we wrote for The Royal College of General Practitioners. They use this system to manage the certification-renewal process required of GPs annually, and also in a different way every five years.

The medical professional is required to submit relevant information and documents showing that they have met the requirements for re-certifications. Each document and object is tracked throughout the system as a workflow object. Appraisals are arranged and carried out by different individuals all managed in the same workflow system. When all the items and documents are in-place and actioned, the system marks that item as complete. Nothing is lost in emails and there are no files to go sorting through.

Workflow automation improves efficiency, adds accountability, and reduces email. It's definitely something to look into for any business.

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