Geeks launch new web portal for European Heritage Days
Geeks launch new web portal for European Heritage Days
by RUTH THOMAS - Aug 12,2014

We’re hugely proud to announce the success of an exciting project that we’ve been working on for the European Commission. European Heritage Days (EHDs) attracts around 20 million visitors each September and the technology developed by the Council of Europe and the European Commission in collaboration with Geeks plays a key role in bridging the gap between the online and offline dimensions of the program. The Joint Programme has pioneered and demonstrated how technology can enhance the promotion of EHDs. This has created economic value for all Heritage projects within Europe and has helped to boost tourism and improve local economies. For more information, visit the EHD website.

Read what Microsoft has to say about this project and the role Geeks played in the creative delivery of the website.

Introducing the new European Heritage Days Portal

EHDs is an online participatory cultural initiative which allows European Heritage projects to publicise their events to both potential visitors and other event organisers. This community platform uses Microsoft’s Bing Maps to provide visitors with a virtual trip to all EHD events, where they can view venues and attractions. The nature of the portal is accessible and informative, enabling visitors to explore and plan which cultural activities they are interested in.


Using Technology to help local and national participation

Coordinators of EHDs have formerly had to utilise local websites to find and promote events arranged in their countries. However, Geeks have built the new EHD site to allow national coordinators to reach European visitors, as well as to liaise with other coordinators to share common ideas, plans and themes. They are able to upload, update and permit access of content to local coordinators, whilst enabling visitors to contribute pictures and personal experiences.


Bespoke software has supported democratic engagement

The use of IT and digitisation encourages democratic engagement across the Culture and Heritage sectors. Regardless of location, size or resources, this diverse cultural platform means that EHDs are promoted equally alongside other treasures of European culture and local communities are given the same level of visibility as other familiar heritage sites. This means that smaller events and organisations are not overlooked, and consequently a wider range of attractions are offered to visitors.


The benefits of bespoke technology for EHD

Not only does using Microsoft’s cloud services give the platform scope for greater scalability, it also ensures a user-friendly approach and significantly reduces the costs involved in both operation and implementation. Increased use of digital technology is also likely to assist the growth of the cultural and creative sectors within Europe (in collaboration with the Council of Europe and ACTE) with European businesses and citizens reaping the benefits.

By partnering technology with European culture, Geeks have played a key role in providing Europeans with an equal opportunity to put their local heritage on the digital cultural map, through creating bespoke software for EHDs. To find out how you could benefit from bespoke software and web solutions, contact a member of our team for more information.

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