Should you consider setting up unified communications within your business?
Should you consider setting up unified communications within your business?
by RUTH THOMAS - Aug 24,2015

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Within businesses, there are many forms of communications going on regularly, including emails, phone calls, video messaging, social media communications and private messaging. Having so many forms of communication going on all the time can become confusing and allow communications to get lost, misplaced, or deliberately ignored. Unifying your communications into a single interface is a great way to ensure that nothing is overlooked and all communications can be found in one place. With this in mind, should you consider setting up unified communications within your business?


Easier setup and maintenance

Unified communications require easier setup and less maintenance for your in-house IT team than running multiple systems separately. They can generally be managed internally, running through an internet connection. If there are any issues, this can be diagnosed more simply than if there were many systems that could be causing problems.


Lowering costs over time

Over time, combining all of your communications into a single space will save time and money. Instead of running everything separately, software will allow staff members to pick up messages, voicemails, engage in videos and conversations from one location. This will cut costs of having multiple phone lines and fax lines, where these can be replaced by a greater data pipeline and strong internet connection.


Saving time

Time may be something that you don’t seem to have a lot of, and unifying your communications can save you a great deal of it. Since all messages will accumulate into a single inbox, employees won’t have to look in multiple areas for things, nor waste time opening messages, sending them on. Everything in one location makes sharing communications with others much easier.


Compliant archiving for future reference

Another benefit of unifying all of your communications is that they can be archived and stored easily for future reference. This makes it hassle-free to find old messages and look back through past communications which helps companies comply with regulatory bodies such as the FCA.


Greater efficiency and flexibility

Perhaps the largest impact of unified communications is the increase in staff flexibility and the clarity of their interactions with one another. They will be able to work from any location and still access the same communications, whilst even working together and interacting just as easily as if they were working from their office desktop.


Bespoke software for unifying your communications

Geeks specialise in designing bespoke unified communications software to incorporate the specific requirements of your business and create a more efficient working environment.

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