Thinking of selling online? Here’s how to get your eCommerce platform right first time…
Thinking of selling online? Here’s how to get your eCommerce platform right first time…
by RUTH THOMAS - Dec 18,2014

In the technology-focused age that we live in, more and more customers are choosing to buy products and services online. Businesses looking to thrive in the modern day world need to be engaging with this online demand in order to remain competitive in the market. The problems often come with choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) to facilitate your eCommerce solution. Many CMS’ are too bulky, slow and not conducive for optimisation. Bespoke website solutions might be the right answer to save your organisation time and money. Here are a few thoughts on how to get your eCommerce website right first time…


Engage with your customers

Creating a bespoke e-commerce website instead of using one that is ready-made provides an experience that is tailored to your unique requirements, which in turn makes it more likely that consumers will buy your products. You need to understand the needs of your audience and design all of the display elements and navigation according to this to guarantee the maximum conversion rate for traffic directed to your website.


Automation could save you time

You can also save time by automating your website to integrate with back-office functions such as warehouse management software, logistics or even inventory. This frees up time, money and resources for customer service, while orders are processed and tracked automatically.



Responsive sites enhance the buying experience for users who are navigating using a mobile device. The CMS displays the site in a different format which scales the website dependent on the browser. Product eCommerce sites enjoy a 15% increase in sales by being responsive. Google also loves websites that are responsive and will rank you higher in its search engine -so you get more traffic too.


Think about payment options

Payment gateways vary considerably from provider to provider. Traditional banks can also provide some online services so it is important to keep your options open. Cost of sale plays a major factor, so it is important to make sure that you are being charged a low amount, be it per transaction or per monthly fee. Knowledge of commissions rates recurring and international payments including various currencies is vital for the success of payment through your e-commerce website.


Work with what you’ve got

Integrating elements into your e-commerce site needn’t been a dull or complicated process. In fact, it makes sense to start from what you have. You will want to connect your online presence to your existing infrastructure, to ensure that the sales process is as smooth as possible. This will cut costs and streamline your business.

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