Accessing your business systems in the tablet era
Accessing your business systems in the tablet era
by RUTH THOMAS - May 13,2014

Business is changing, we’re all aware of that. However, whilst for many organisations it is a case of simply trying to keep up with technology so as not to fall behind the competition, for the smart few the opportunities presented by the arrival of the tablet era offer the chance to make headway. Whether you’re struggling to differentiate your business from competitors, or you just want to stay ahead of the game, how can tablets enable you to do this?

Why not just use a laptop?

In short, cost and usability. Laptops are generally more expensive than the tablet option, both in terms of the product itself and insurance. Opting for a tablet also gives you access to apps, which can be revolutionary with respect to everything from accessing real time profitability data to bespoke ordering and management. There is also the mobile factor – tablets are designed to be used whilst on the move, whereas a laptop is a rather more cumbersome beast for many business functions, such as callouts.


What can you use the tablet for?

Well, if you invest in bespoke software development for your tablets then just about anything. For those who think mobile technology is something of a flash in the pan, there are a number of very large and very public organisations that have recently either rolled out mobile technology as part of their drive for increased efficiencies, or have announced plans to do so. HMRC, Barclays, British Airways, John Lewis and several NHS trusts are just a few of the entities that have jumped on the tablet as a way of streamlining their businesses. The virtual desktop (VDI) also enables tablet users to access their office desktop on the go. Access to bespoke business software can therefore improve efficiency and improve operational efficiency.


What are the benefits of going mobile?

These are numerous benefits and range from providing greater flexibility for office based staff (particularly useful in the light of the new options for flexible working due to come into force this year), to making your workforce more mobile than ever, whilst still enabling access to essential business systems. Not only will your people become more mobile but your data too, and the fact that the tablet is so user friendly makes it a great time saver. The opportunity to develop bespoke software for your tablets that specifically serves the purposes of your business offers a unique chance to introduce new efficiencies that tie in with your ongoing strategy, all of which can provide a significant competitive edge.


What about data protection?

If tablets are good enough for a massive pot of data gold like HMRC then they’re good enough for most organisations! With bespoke software development and the introduction of a mobile device use policy that covers how tablets can and can’t be used, overall there is no more risk to a business’ security from tablets than from the use of laptops. The only tablet-specific area to look out for is to prevent staff downloading non-approved apps onto business devices.

With so many organisations moving across to using tablets it is clear that this is the road down which business technology is destined to travel. If you want to ensure genuine mobility, increased efficiency and a boost in productivity for your business then developing bespoke tablet software is something that you may want to consider sooner rather than later.

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