7 things to look for in software for your business
7 things to look for in software for your business
by RUTH THOMAS - Nov 12,2014

If you’re trying to find new software for your business, then you’ll probably have a list of criteria. Many people forget to look at the fundamental things to look out for.


#1 Services to fit your needs

Find out what on-site services are included when you buy software that includes service and support built into your contract as a package. Be aware of unnecessarily high support costs, and compare multiple quotes. Beware of extra costs added for extensional features such as training, customisation, and installation of the software.

These are helpful features, but make sure you know the overall cost and whether you actually require them or not. Check for the implementation or setup cots and make sure you have the full picture.


#2 Affordable software

How are you buying your software? Cost will be determined by various factors such as per user license, or site licenses, or how many users have access to the software at a given time. For example, you could have software on 30 computers, with only 5 concurrent users, so only 5 computers could access and use the software at once. You should work out what your requirements are for this before incurring extra unnecessary costs.


#3 Guarantees

It is important to read the small print, to find out whether you can ‘opt out’ of services if they are not what you expected. Check the policies on returns and refunds before purchasing any software. When buying custom-made software, you will need to ensure that you’ve covered this in the contract before any work takes place. You want to know that the software provider is on your side, and wants to work with you to establish a successful long-term relationship.


#4 Support services

How quickly will your software support company fix software issues when they arise? Seeing what they offer – whether this be immediate assistance or regular periodic ‘check-ups’ and fixes, you need to decide what will best suit your business. This will increase communication between you and your customers too, giving you the chance to be specific about when issues will be resolved.

How many hours are you guaranteed support? Make sure that the software provider you choose will give you a solution with the least downtime possible. Consider what SLAs are provided and whether you have ongoing software updates as part of the package.


#5 Good communications

It is vital for communications between you and the suppliers are good. Which is why it’s a sensible idea to see how they approach updates. Do they notify customers or wait for customers to request an update? Making sure that they provide the option of updates to you. You will want to reconsider your options if the supplier is less than transparent with you about the services available to you.


#6 Scalability

Look to see how scalable the software is. You don’t want to commit to it, only to find that it is limiting your business and preventing growth. If your business has a lot of variation, your software should fit this and be flexible to adapt to regular changes. Customisations for your business need to be carefully thought through. Do your research and know your budget to ensure that the company will provide you with customisations for a fair price. Remember that if too many customisations need to be made, this is time and money consuming and it could be better to look at completely bespoke software packages.


#7 Hosted or on-premise

Where is your software located? With the introduction of cloud computing, most software will be accessed through the internet. Check if a server is required onsite. If so, who will support it? If the software is accessed through the Internet, then check for security settings. Also consider the impact of Internet downtime on the business and what would happen in the event of an outage.

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