The Top 3 Reasons to Consider Using HR Software in 2015
The Top 3 Reasons to Consider Using HR Software in 2015
by RUTH THOMAS - Feb 24,2015

It can be difficult to keep your employee records up-to-date. Managing human resources can involve dealing with a huge amount of information including individual performance, as well as overall efficiency of business processes and personalised task management. Furthermore personal data must be kept in compliance with the Data Protection Acts. Data must be correct and up to date so it can be used when making important business decisions about staff allocation. Here are the top 3 reasons for businesses to use HR software:


Presenting clear goals will improve efficiency

Each staff member will have goals that they are working towards individually, whether these are annual or short-term targets. They may receive perks or rewards for reaching these, such as a bonus. With different employees working towards various targets, and working at different levels, tracking the progress of every member of staff can be time-consuming and difficult. It may also leave issues unresolved where employees are not reaching targets.

HR software can make it easier to keep track and reward individual staff members. It can also highlight problem areas where goals are not being met, or particular employees are not contributing as much as others. Centralising all of these into one system can present overall clear goals to the business, not only as an individual but as a team. Setting up employee login access can help motivate your staff whilst minimising the need for paper-based requests e.g. annual leave. Integrated HR software can indicate the role that each person has to play in reaching the company’s objectives. They then have the chance to work towards their strengths and increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the business. Shared responsibility could help employees to contribute more, since a collective effort is recognised.


Motivating staff is simpler

Motivating individuals is easier when they can see their own progress. HR software has the ability to show developmental progress, providing a sense of achievement whilst also highlighting weak areas. Where staff members may have stopped improving and are failing to meet the demands upon them, HR software makes it noticeable. The Management Team can then deal with this by deciding why this could be and whether the individual may benefit from further training or coaching. It can also track progress in work, emphasizing employees who may be the most suitable in different roles, or to move on to be promoted. Results per person can be isolated and analysed to give feedback during appraisals, which can help the staff member and Management Team to work efficiently.


Employees are encouraged to work as a team

HR software has the power to encourage employee engagement to work collectively and gain collaborative results. It goes further than the basic employee information and dates of working at the company – instead it becomes about promoting an ethos of professionalism and in-house communication. Creating teams is easier since the strengths and weaknesses of each person documented within the system, will give a clear idea as to who would work well together to promote the most successful outcome. Making employees aware of each others’ skills and capabilities enhances teamwork and friendship to make your workplace a pleasant and productive place to be. Integrating your HR software into your ERP system will also improve communication across departments and territories, encouraging collaborative working within the company ecosystem.


What is the purpose of HR software?

Overall, the primary function of HR software is to increase business management of staff to benefit the company as a whole – in productivity, efficiency and outcomes. Generating improved communications and networking between staff members provides a platform for individual and collaborative motivation to reach goals and targets, and gain recognition when hitting them.

Every business has different requirements of the things that they would like to measure in terms of staff information. To find out about how bespoke HR software could help you meet your business goals in 2015, have a chat with one of the Geeks team today.

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