Could Unified Communications Increase Your Productivity?
Could Unified Communications Increase Your Productivity?
by RUTH THOMAS - Jan 26,2015

Unified Communications can be a powerful business tool to increase overall business productivity. It can help you to overcome some of the communications challenges that you have in-house, helping you to reach your goals and work as a team more efficiently. Many companies just use email to communicate, however Unified Communications using forums, instant messaging and joint working platforms could transform productivity. So how could unified communications affect how your business functions day-to-day?

Unified communications software is growing in popularity by utilising cloud-based platforms to improve the quality and access to communication within businesses. With many companies supporting remote or flexible working, cloud-based Unified Communications software helps employees to work on the go.


Interacting in-house and on the move

When you’re able to maintain contact with other staff members and your clients in-house, your productivity will grow and your business will begin to run more efficiently. This means that when you get new leads it is easy to follow them up whilst maintaining current relationships with existing clients.

Many businesses are now being inspired to start a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ strategy where employees are able to login and access their emails and files on their mobile, tablet or laptop wherever they are. Not only does this promote flexible working but it also opens up further opportunities. For example, should you meet a potential client and wish to share some of what you do with them, you will be able to access things that you need whilst on the move. You will be able to send information to them on the spot, demonstrating the benefits of Unified Communications for making new contacts.


Better teamwork results in less downtime

Unifying all of your staff communications helps them to work together. Even simple things like integrating emails from each sender to keep them all together will increase teamwork and stop messages getting lost. This improves employee accountability as messages are stored centrally and can be seen by all members of the team. As overall communication becomes simpler across email, downtime decreases and client processes become more efficient. For example setting up a video conference call between multiple staff members and clients in different locations.

With more time free, employees are able to make better use of their time. For example being able to hold meetings using video saves time travelling to meet together, yet has the same benefit as it would a meeting in person in a single place.


Benefits of increased mobility

Mobile-adapted software allows employees to access their files from any device in any geographical location. This is virtualised, so once installed on the core system, no software needs to be installed on each device individually. Sharing is made more convenient, and overall organisation is improved, saving time and effort. Response time to emails will be decreased, contributing to an improved business ecosystem.


What could Unified Communications offer your business?

The aim of Unified Communications is to streamline all of your communications methods to increase overall business functions and promote the smooth running of your organisation. It can help employees make a better use of their time, and encourage flexible working to increase productivity. The starting place is to develop the right Unified Communications software.

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