4 Reasons to invest in bespoke CRM software
4 Reasons to invest in bespoke CRM software
by RUTH THOMAS - Oct 05,2015

A key part of generating and retaining business is managing customer relations well. Satisfied customers are more likely to return as repeat customers, and even make recommendations to their friends and contacts. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an effective way to increase your customer experience and lead to a greater number of referrals. CRM software works to enable you to manage your staff and customer communications more efficiently and to identify and work towards building relationship with potential leads. Here are 5 reasons why you should think about investing in CRM software for your business and the benefits that it could bring:


#1 – Streamlined communications

CRM software enables businesses to record and easily follow up on previous customer interactions. This saves time and streamlines the process of dealing with previous orders or questions related to past correspondence that your customers may have. It is simple for employees to accommodate changes within the CRM and update records, which will be available to all staff members in a single location. This makes it possible to track the status of orders against the customer, and used to either market further to that contact or to take a different course of action, depending on the personal information that is stored.


#2 – Customer data and sales

Different details about each customer can be stored centrally, including whether an enquiry has been made. This means that different departments are able to use the data efficiently, for example your sales team will be able to follow up on past enquiries and use this data to convert more leads into sales. Conversions tracking and monitoring can be simplified through transparent reports which can be accessed by management or configured to display in a dashboard.


#3 – Ability to measure results

It’ll also be simpler to measure results in a quantifiable way since the progress and status of each customer will be accessible to all staff members. Therefore it will be possible to see where there has been a failure to follow up or any other gaps in the sales process that could be improved. It will track employee progress as well as encourage better customer management. Achievements, goals and targets can all be integrated and HR procedures included if required.


#4 – Effective management and planning

It is possible to setup automatic follow-ups using customer data – for example scheduling to automatically send an email with your latest products or services to all customers that visited your site a week ago. In the same way, your customer response time is increased since your team will have the ability to follow up more easily using the platform to see all the information regarding that contact in a single place, including calls, emails, and other online interactions. Therefore no correspondence is lost, and the customer experience is overall improved.

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