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A Digital Transformation that Doesn't Fail

How do you “feel” when you see the Digital Transformation on the meeting agenda as a business leader? Do you feel excited and energised? Or do you feel disoriented and confused? Do you feel in control and confident? Or do you feel it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

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Are You Letting Your Children Down?

If you are one of those parents who only takes advice from other parents, then do not waste your time reading on. I have no children.

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UK SMEs are Leading the PropTech charge

Last month the Chancellor announced a temporary cut on stamp duty. Homebuyers in the UK traditionally paid the duty as a lump sum when purchasing a property over £125,000. The change announced increases the minimum threshold, and now there will be no stamp duty to pay on homes priced £500,000 or less.

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Can the legal sector afford to keep its pace with technology adoption?

The legal sector is a mature industry, conservative in nature and has been working fine for a long time without technology. This makes it a great target for disruption by technologists. COVID and the lockdowns have put the industry in the spotlight as the courts, conveyancing services, and many other aspects of the legal sector had to go virtual. This is something that before COVID was almost impossible to imagine.

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