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Overnight digital transformation: COVID-19 inevitable impact?

The pandemic and its uncertain aftermath are creating a new environment and new challenges for business technology innovation. So the question is, what do business leaders need to do to prepare their organisations for the post-COVID landscape ahead? Do they need to change their strategy? Or do they need to keep implementing what they had already planned?

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Is a tiny virus shifting the dynamics of our relationships?

Times as strange as these test us in new ways. They stretch our characters and reveal new aspects of our individuality as well as our collective consciousness. They teach us new things about ourselves and those around us, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, suppliers and clients. Challenging times bring us an opportunity to reflect on our perception of social contracts and how we view the dynamics of our relationships.

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Where every child can dream of becoming a parliament speaker

In a recent interview, former speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, said he owed his “elocution” to his late father. Unlike most British prime ministers and parliament speakers, Bercow did not go to a private school and did not get his degree from Oxford or Cambridge. Yet many in or outside parliament praise his wealth of English language vocabulary, with some MPs calling him a “glottologist”.

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Does it pay to be really good if you're an SME?

In the pursuit of profit, you need to go all-in when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - and for the right reasons. Otherwise, research shows that it’s not even worth trying.

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