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5 Benefits of buying bespoke software over off-the-shelf solutions

Your business can run more efficiently if you use the right software to best meet your requirements. Off-the-shelf software solutions are designed for use with a wide range of applications and projects, compared to bespoke software which allows users to design the software to work for the specific applications that they need. Here are our top 5 benefits of commissioning a bespoke software project:

Greater accuracy using applications

You can achieve the most efficient working levels by choosing software which helps you to complete your tasks quickly. Bespoke software improves your accuracy by automating otherwise repetitive manual tasks. This reduces the likelihood of human error in contrast to if these processes were being carried out individually. Off-the-shelf software may also offer some automation, however bespoke software offers a greater level of control over which processes should be automated.

Implementing changes made easy

Off-the-shelf software is applicable to many businesses and can encompass many helpful business functions. However, it cannot offer the same flexibility for growth that bespoke software does. Users will reach a limit of functionality, compared to bespoke software which can grow and adapt with your business. This makes it easier to implement changes due to differing requirements, customer demands or new legislation, whilst saving you time and increasing your productivity. Bespoke software is therefore scalable and can more easily grow with your business.

Meeting customer demands

The flexible nature of bespoke software allows you to make changes quickly and keep up with your customers’ demands. Your response time to requests will be reduced, along with significantly improving how long it takes for you to implement changes from the point of being aware that they need to be made. This can give you a competitive advantage within your market to provide the best customer services and build a reputation as a flexible yet reliable company.

Increased software support

Look out for added costs and services when you are choosing which software will best suit your company. Setup may not always be included with off-the-shelf solutions, however they can offer high levels of support. If you choose a bespoke provider, ensure that you look for one where adequate support and input will be provided continually after the initial setup, so that if you face any issues, help will be available. This provides the added benefit of expertise in your particular setup and requirements, as the software has been custom-built to fit your system. Also consider the maintenance costs, particularly if the software is to be hosted on-premises.

Usability improved

For some businesses, off-the-shelf software is satisfactory to cover their needs, yet it may not fit their requirements as closely as they would like. Off-the-shelf software may contain additional features which you are paying for but never use. Bespoke software has the advantage of being tailored to provide the applications that you require, and leave out any unnecessary functions which could slow your systems down.