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Discover your Digital Appetite - One Byte at a Time

The pandemic led to adaptation, innovation and new ways of problem-solving. It amplified the hunger pangs of many business leaders as they prioritised digital as the solution to the problems that they faced.

A report by McKinsey & Company showed that companies made fundamental business changes 20–25x faster than expected during the pandemic. Why? Because they were on a time crunch.

Now that COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point and the basics like Zoom and Teams have become commonplace, most leaders are ready to invest in real digital transformation.

Make a strategy like you would make a meal plan

I don’t go food shopping when I’m hungry because I end up buying more than I would eat. Am I impulse buying or just over-estimating my appetite?

Either way, my solution is the same. Write a list of foods I actually need before going to the shops and stick to it

This might seem a strange analogy but when you set out on your digital transformation journey you need to understand your appetite and make a strategy like you would make a meal plan.

Ask yourself: what are you trying to achieve? Are you already good at what you do but want to embrace digital and rule the next decade? Or do you have a new innovative idea that will make your business the leader in your industry?

How ‘hungry’ are you?

The businesses we lead have different environments, expectations, challenges and importantly, ambitions. So, while most business leaders are satisfied with simple off-the-shelf solutions like a new CRM or MS Teams, others crave more to achieve ambitious growth plans and be ahead of the curve.

What will bring impactful change to your business is investing in the process because that will be the difference between a transformation project that can really make an impact and one that fails to deliver any real business value.

Let technology lead the way

I’m sure you are clear on your business objectives but perhaps not confident on where to start. You’re not alone in this.

We use DiGence when starting a digital transformation journey with one of our partners. It allows an organisation to get an objective, data-driven external view into their business processes, where improvements can be made through technology and how big those improvements can be. You will know exactly how impactful automation and systemisation can be for your business.

The DiGence recommendations lead to clear prioritisation and an effective digital roadmap to achieving and quantifying ambitious business goals. Then you can get to implementing the transformation or staying in the days of spreadsheets and emails. How far you’ll get only depends on how hungry you are.

We can’t give you an appetite for technology, but we can certainly show you what’s possible. Partner with us, and together we can realise your full digital potential.