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AI Adventures with Lindsay - Part one: getting buy-in for AI business cases

As COO, I am often asked about how to get a business AI-ready, because Industry 4.0 means you either digitally evolve or die! So, in the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some top tips from my AI Adventures, both in our business and through my years of experience with different clients.


Without further ado, let the journey begin!

Today’s adventure: 7 strategies to get organisational buy-in for AI business cases:

1. Focus on ROI

AI can save time and energy, boost morale, reduce costs and increase profits. it will allow companies to grow and improve the bottom line. Be sure to let your stakeholders know what they would be missing out on if they ignored AI!


2. Create FOMO

Fear of missing out is a strong motivation driver. I mean what business leader doesn't want to stay ahead of the competition? If you're not ahead you're behind, and digital moves fast.


3. Think big, but start small

Pick smaller, 'sure thing' projects for the quick win. show what is possible and address learnings on the way. Early results build confidence and lead to increased scope and investment.


4. Avoid buzzwords!

Don't call it AI unless your audience has some understanding of AI. Emphasise value, not the details of tech implementations. This will help you communicate more effectively and prevent your stakeholders from being overwhelmed. 


5. Act with purpose and allay fears of job loss or unknowns

Acknowledge that some people may be wary of AI and worry about things like being laid off. Show how the goals of your project will help people do more of what they enjoy, focus on strategic work, and reduce administrative tasks.


6. Educate your stakeholders

Don't expect your team to be experts in AI or even understand it right away. It is a journey and not every stakeholder needs to understand the nuances of, say, Machine Learning. Focus on the practical application of what AI can do for your business.


7. Lead by example and multiply - be the ambassador of What Good Looks Like (WGLL)

Be the change champion you seek to have/work with in your business. Make sure to display your achievements. Understand your team’s appetite for the change you are promoting and work with those who can multiply the effect as you and your business learn to become more AI-ready.

Hope this was helpful! Don't hesitate to DM on LinkedIn or reach out to share how your AI-Adventure is going! And make sure to tune in for the following episodes of our AI Adventure Series!