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Riding the Wave of Change

Andrew Lloyd, Managing Director of Search Acumen sits with me in The Innovation Room to delve into the top things leaders need to know when adopting AI in Episode 34 of our ‘Shape-shifters’ series, "Riding the Wave of Change".

As the 5th podcast instalment of our ‘Shape-shifters’ series, Andrew shares his advice for business leaders who want to engage with AI and embrace the advancements of this new wave. His first tip? "Think big, start small." He encourages leaders to imagine the possibilities without fear, but to begin with a small, achievable project. Andrew illustrates this approach with the example of their very first AI project, which started with the goal of cleansing address data, a fundamental aspect of their business.

Andrew highlights the importance of avoiding the pitfalls of previous IT projects that aimed too big and ultimately collapsed under their own weight. So, while thinking big is essential, starting small is the key to success.

Join us in this insightful episode, watch or listen now: