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Series: AI, the adventure of our time

Spring 2022

Another buzzword of the tech world. In this series, we aim to demystify AI in the business context with a specific interest in the mid-market, highlighting how AI is shaking them, making some thrive or some nose dive... it is an existentialism topic. Businesses die or learn to create harmony between people and AI and thrive.

As COO, I am often asked about how to get a business AI-ready, because Industry 4.0 means you either digitally evolve or die! So, in the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some top tips from my AI Adventures, both in our business and through my years of experience with different clients.

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Innovation has been everyone’s favourite word for quite some time now, making it happen is one thing but what does it take to make it last? It’s a relentless focus to tell and sell that one thing you do that puts you outside the “expected box”. A term coined by sales guru Nicola Cook who shares her secrets of making innovation last in a business. Listen on.


Have you been wondering about the application of AI in your business? I am challenging our CTO to demystify some of the buzzwords and answer some key questions in an understandable language with practical examples. And I am punishing him when he fails to do so ...


For centuries, businesses have been moving from people to machines where they could. And that’s a good thing for everyone. Almost. Put simply, a piece of work is considered automatable when it’s rule-based and predictable, not needing human judgement or creativity. Automation isn’t exactly a new idea. What has changed though, is what is automatable.

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Automation for the people! Do you go all robots? Come with me to the Innovation Room where our co-founder Paymon breaks down ‘automations’. Get ready to roll up those sleeves because we have some really cool stuff coming out this year that will make things easier than ever before.


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