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Adapting Behaviours to Embrace Change

In the first installment of our Summer Podcast Series for the Innovation Room: 'AI - Return on Change' we explore the behaviour adaptions needed to embrace change. I spoke with behavioural science expert Richard Shotton.

Richard discusses the challenges businesses face when undergoing strategic changes, stressing the importance of appeal over ease in this process, a concept he dubs the "ostrich effect". Delving into practical examples, he illustrates how seemingly minor obstacles can disproportionately impact results. The conversation extends into the realm of artificial intelligence, exploring the intricate relationship between AI and human behaviour and the captivating phenomena of the 'illusion of control' and the 'illusion of agency'.

In this episode, Richard offers solutions to the common resistance within industries to change and shares strategies for leveraging new time periods for initiating change. He emphasises the significance of understanding the target audience's mindset and illustrates the role of the 'false consensus effect' in driving successful campaigns. Through insightful narratives and practical examples, this episode helps listeners understand how to enhance their businesses' Return on Change.

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