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Series: The future with AI. It starts with us.

Autumn 2023

For each industry, we will follow the Dare or Die Bullseye framework, looking at how stakeholder expectations are evolving, what are the business constraints including the regulation, ethics, culture and their industry appetite for AI and technology and finally what the future of a business in that industry could look like, what's the role of the human in that industry.

Is AI set to revolutionise retail? On the latest episode of The Innovation Room, "Future of Retail with AI", Somayeh Aghnia chats with Paul Kerrison Director of Engineering and Architecture at Dunelm about how artificial intelligence could transform the sector.


Could AI be the secret sauce for radically reimagining schools? On the latest episode of The Innovation Room podcast, Somayeh Aghnia and Laura Knight had the third and final part of the discussion of "Future of Schools with AI". The focus of this part is "Experiences".


Should schools ban or embrace AI in the classroom? A complex debate unfolds in Episode 43 of The Innovation Room where Laura Knight and Somayeh Aghnia examine AI's role in the classroom.


Will AI make or break the future of education? Join Somayeh Aghnia, CEO of Geeks and Laura Knight, Senior Consultant at Berkhamsted Schools Group as they navigate the pivotal impact of AI on schools in this episode of The Innovation Room podcast.


Welcome to a new series of The Innovation Room podcasts. In this series, we will explore the cutting edges of change, where innovation disrupts the status quo and imagines a future anew.

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