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In Ep 33, our 4th instalment of our ‘Shape Shifters’ series, we are exploring ‘Drivers for Distruption’, specifically how businesses can embrace a ‘Spry Strategy’ to support the transformation needed in the digital age. Join me as I talk to Robert Baldock, the Managing Director of Clustre, the innovation brokers.


In episode 32 of The Innovation Room, "Trusting the Shift", we talk about the importance of creating a vision and a flexible strategy that can handle the chaos that comes with rapid changes in the technology space.


In episode 31, "Economy forecast from a Behavioural Economist," Roger expects a significant increase in activity from August this year. Want to know his reasons? Join Somayeh, CEO of Geeks, as she hosts Roger again.


Strategy is no longer about protecting the core, as business is constantly in flux. Shifting millimetres or miles. A constant ebb and flow between technology innovations, stakeholder demands and business priorities requires a balanced strategy.


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