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The future is coming faster than you think. Are you ready for it? Join futurist Jerome Glenn in Episode 41 of The Innovation Room podcast as we explore "The 2050 Horizon" and how AI will transform life and business in the next 10-15 years.


Is your business ready for the AI revolution? Join us in The Innovation Room podcast, where we explore how businesses can assess their future with AI.


What is the key to leading organisational change and embracing complexity? Join Sunil Mundra, Org. Change and Transformation Leader, in The Innovation Room podcast where we uncover frameworks and philosophies to build an agile, adaptive business ready for breakthrough growth.


In this episode, we deep-dive into the transformative elements of Digital Evolution, uncovering the crucial ingredients of change. From the power of communication to the significance of trust in leadership, we explore diverse facets. We also delve into the fast-evolving realm of AI in healthcare, exploring its transformative potential.


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