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Conversations, debates, and analysis of ideas that move the dial for changemakers in breaking through barriers.

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The modern world is a complex beast, and no one mind can hope to tame it. The beast is constantly expanding the liminal spaces that leaders need to navigate.


In this special edition of The Innovation Room, join Somayeh and other elves, Lindsay and Matt as they discuss all the great Innovations they've seen in 2022. Watch now as we (literally) Wrap-up 2022


“Innovation is crucial to the UK building back better. Boosting innovation in the private sector is an essential part of the UK’s future prosperity. We are calling on businesses to invest in innovation, getting British firms to the front of the pack.” This is from the UK Innovation Strategy Document, published by the government.


Having a strong competitive advantage in the market is what makes businesses thrive, especially in challenging times such as the upcoming recession. To break through the barriers of these challenging times, changemakers need to focus on their business's operational models and look for opportunities to innovate.


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