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Search Acumen

Search Acumen is a pioneer in PropTech

Search Acumen are property and data experts, their vision was to create a platform where their customers could perform property searches and have quick access to data sources at the click of a button.

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Lord Wandsworth College

Lord Wandsworth College is a beacon of academic excellence

Lord Wandsworth College is a beacon of academic excellence and holistic education, this co-educational independent school has fostered a reputation for nurturing students' intellectual, personal, and social development.

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Agile software to solve Brexit’s cargo challenges

After approaching several potential suppliers, ChannelPorts selected Geeks as the technology partner of choice. Geeks were confident and committed to delivering the solution within their very ambitious timescale of six weeks. The application needed to cope with the significant increase of shipments requiring customs clearance, using electronic filing and automation to expedite the process. With the Brexit deadline looming, rapid development was essential, and since the new regulations were not set in stone, the requirements went through various changes.

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Birkin Group

Wild Ideation workshop delivered significant impacts for Birkin Group.

Birkin Group is a pioneering force in the facilities management industry.

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Reed Wellbeing

The revolutionary platform enabling sustainable and healthier living

Reed Wellbeing approached Geeks in late 2019 to develop a revolutionary new platform to take to market. It would enable employers to buy health checks for their employees so they can identify issues, and use the data to inform workplace benefits, provide support to employees, drive initiatives and identify trends across different departments.

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Reed in Partnership

Reed In Partnership experienced a shift in mindset.

Reed in Partnership’s mission is to positively transform people and their communities. They support individuals, their families and the places they live to prosper - often under challenging circumstances.

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EPIC Global Solutions

We empowered EPIC Global Solutions to make informed decisions.

By leveraging the insights gained through Digital Diagnostics Service with DiGence® and translating them into strategic recommendations, we empowered EPIC Global Solutions to make informed decisions about what digital initiatives to prioritise.

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Big Bad Wolf

The power of the personalised retail experience

In 2018, multinational spirits brand Bacardi approached the agency to create a one-of-a-kind, engaging experience for consumers that would stand out in the competitive landscape of travel retail.

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Search Acumen - Robbie Project

“Robbie”, the AI model, extracts and analyses information from attachm

Search Acumen is a pioneer in PropTech. Since 2013  they've embraced cutting-edge technology to enhance their operations and partnered with Geeks early on, sharing a common vision for leveraging software and AI to transform business. 

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Medical Equipment Disinfection Mobile App

Tristel's innovative mobile app is an electronic manual for users with step‐by‐step video instructions on how to disinfect medical equipment, whilst also providing real-time and electronic records of disinfection logs.

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247 Time

Vendor management solution for public sector temporary staff.

An easy‐to‐use, intuitive workforce and vendor management system for temporary workers, with a full range of business-specific functions. The product was developed to consolidate candidates, clients and agency information into one accessible database to improve consistency and collaboration.

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People2.0 helps organisations navigate the global talent marketplace.

People2.0 provides employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services to help organisations confidently navigate the global talent marketplace.

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Morr & Co

Morr & Co digital transformation with DiGence®

Morr & Co is a leading firm of solicitors with offices in Surrey, Hampshire and South West London, serving a wide range of businesses and private individuals across the region.

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Paragon Building Consultancy

Paragon digital transformation with DiGence®

Paragon is one of the UK's largest independent building and project consultancies. They think differently to create commercial advantage for their clients and deliver a director-led service focused on technical expertise, commercial business acumen, with a proactive approach to service delivery.

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An Accessible Solution

Compliance with accessibility requirements meant that UAL’s bespoke application needed implementation of special navigation features, specific colour contrast ratios, expanded acronyms and abbreviations in the first instance, uncluttered page layouts and skip to content links, among others.

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City of Westminster

Project information management system for highway maintenance...

The London Borough of Westminster is a council in a densely populated area with heavy traffic and highway responsibilities. Geeks developed an information management system for highway maintenance...

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Eazy Collect

Direct Debit Management System

Geeks created a highly automated, responsive application that allows Eazy Collect to expand its client base and offer customers a smooth and fast user experience. The application that has been built takes upwards of one hundred thousand payments a month, has a built-in gym management system, disburses money to clients and has automated debt chasing. It has been well received by long‐standing Eazy Collect customers and has helped them expand their business.

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Council of Europe

An interactive website which helps people from all over Europe...

The Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg, covers almost all of the European continent, with 47 member countries, wanting to highlight the diversity and intercultural links of Europe’s heritage...

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An innovative online tool to raise awareness against fraudulent...

BBC Mundo wanted to create a fun yet educational application that would demonstrate to the Spanish-speaking market that you cannot always believe what you read.

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Smith Stone Walters

A bespoke application to manage mission-critical legal workflows

Geeks were able to create a custom application for SSW that manages all the complexities of the visa application process and provides automated tools which, streamline the casework involved in this legal process. Unlike an off‐the‐shelf product the case management system that Geeks developed is capable of being flexibly updated to meet the needs of the client in the future.

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Debt Management System

The application offers logins for both Lucid users and clients – although the service is not available to the general public, as clients must first be approved. Unapproved IP addresses are blocked and anyone working outside of their corporate network must use two‐factor authentication to login. The increased usability of the web application makes it simpler for bondholders and debt management services to connect. Now the system offers clear coherent solutions for issuers of debt security globally.

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Brand Finance

A Capable Data-Handling Application

The system was designed to produce a report identifying the top brands, which could be published automatically. This information could be displayed visually as interactive graphs, which users can zoom in and out of. Having our solution handle the raw data directly and make the calculations automatically improved consistency across the board. While our application moved Brand Finance away from an Excel model, the data can still be manipulated. Multiple pieces of data can be worked on at once, while any changes that are made can be reverted later.

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easyJet commissioned Geeks to provide a proof of concept...

easyJet is Europe's leading budget airline, they commissioned Geeks to provide a proof of concept to make it easy and quick to make a holiday decision...

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Automated solution that integrated 18 internal and external systems...

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC has a turnover of £2.5bn and globally. They worked with Geeks to develop an automated solution that integrated 18 internal and external systems...

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Whilst maintaining and upgrading key services and products from their legacy terminal, Geeks also worked with Payzone to develop new product and service offerings for their customers. This included a Payment Terminal system, Smart Metering system, and Smart Ticketing and Paper Bus Ticketing system.

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Guy Carpenter

A real-time online auction platform

Our team of developers constructed a complex application using state-of-the-art web-based technologies. The role-based, multi-user online system needed to be capable of setting up auctions and inviting clients to participate, while being fully auditable.

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Harley Street Connect / MyOwnDoc

MyOwnDoc is designed to enhance the patient/doctor experience...

Harley Street Connect are a team of physicians who are passionate about the evolution of personalised care. MyOwnDoc is designed to enhance the patient/doctor experience...

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Over a million Wikipedia articles are brought to life visually...

Histropedia is a creative startup company, established in 2012. The idea for the project was born from discovering a gap in the Wikipedia community to simplify how historical information was viewed.

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A loyalty platform requiring comprehensive member management...

hmv is a leading entertainment retailer of music, films and games. They required a loyalty platform assisting with comprehensive member management...

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An ERP solution to streamline and automate business functions.

Having outgrown their management information systems and applications, Lawmens reached out to Geeks to design an all-inclusive tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This end-to-end ERP solution needed to streamline and automate their operations. Lawmens management saw technology as the enabler for future growth and a way to help the running of the business.

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Houses of Parliament

Unified management system to provide basic and enhanced features...

UK Parliament required a unified management system to replace their previous inefficient system to provide basic and enhanced features...

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NICHE CARE digital transformation with DiGence®

Niche Care are progressive and responsive home care provider throughout the north of the UK with a clear goal to provide home care services of the highest standards, whilst maximising opportunities available to them digitally, to improve care delivery, efficiency and employee engagement.

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A system to create, run, change and keep track of product tests.

AESSEAL® is one of the world's leading specialists in the design & manufacture of mechanical seals & support systems. We developed a system to create, run, change and keep track of product tests.

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A system that revolutionises address entry on e-commerce sites...

Locpin helps delivery drivers pinpoint postcodes in remote locations - the team developed a system that revolutionises address entry on e-commerce sites...

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A business-to-business integration solution to provide identity...

LSG is the biggest single provider of packaged account products and bespoke services to the retail banking sector. We developed a B2B integration solution to provide protection for personal data...

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A bespoke system for advanced planning and management of resources...

The MITIE PLC Group is a strategic outsourcing company. Geeks were commissioned to develop a bespoke system for advanced planning and management of resources...

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A one-stop-shop platform for your mortgage...

Mortgagez is a revolutionary mortgage service to enable consumers to discover, compare and secure the very best deals. Geeks worked with them to develop a one-stop-shop platform for your mortgage...

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Rexam PLC

A portal service for Rexam's European customers, giving them more...

Rexam PLC is a leading global beverage can maker that needed a portal service for customers, giving them more capability to view stock availability, place and track orders, and request delivery times.

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Royal College of General Practitioners

A loyalty platform requiring comprehensive member management...

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is a UK membership body for family doctors who required a loyalty platform requiring comprehensive member management...

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A risk management tool allowing users to make informed decisions...

Salamanca Group combines traditional Merchant Banking practices and values with Operational Risk Management expertise. They needed a risk management tool allowing users to make informed decisions...

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3 Blue Dots

Recruitment and HR automation solution, supporting complex processes.

A recruitment and HR automation solution, supporting recruiters to stay ahead of their competition by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, raising productivity, adding value and protecting margins.

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WorkGaps is a concept for a part-time employment matching service...

WorkGaps is a part-time employment matching service, they commissioned Geeks Ltd to build a revolutionary new online platform designed to simplify recruitment and staff management.

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Architects Registration Board

Integration project to link online payments via RBS Worldpay...

Architects Registration Board are an independent, public interest body that works in regulating architects. Geeks integration project linked online payments via RBS Worldpay...

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PracticeEvolve provide legal practice management software to law firms

PracticeEvolve is part of EvolveGroup, a family of companies that provide legal practice management software to law firms across the globe, operating in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the UK.

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CET is a leading InsurTech business in the UK

CET is a leading InsurTech business in the UK

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