Company size

Established in 1988 Lawmens started as a small family-run business with 6 determined individuals.  Although this story started from humble beginnings, Lawmens always knew they were destined for greater things. Observing the rapid development in Canary Wharf this firm, which specialises in strip out demolition or refurbishment of an existing structure spotted a tremendous market opportunity. 

As the recognition of their excellence grew, so did Lawmens as a company. The company has reached the milestone of 600 completed projects in time for its 30-year anniversary. 

Lawmens now have an annual turnover of £20 million and have served over 1000 satisfied clients. With a presence across the country and a workforce of both “back office” and “site staff”, fast communication and access to data remotely are tremendously important to ensure high quality and efficient service is always provided to their clients.

The challenge

As a result of Lamens successes, their reputation and demand for their services also increased. While at the start managing their staff was a simple task, it became substantially more complex as their workforce expanded to over 200 labourers and contractors on a daily basis. The paper-based system, which was used in this initial expansion phase, was no longer fit for purpose and was potentially slowing down further growth.

Having outgrown their management information systems and applications, Lawmens reached out to Geeks to design an all-inclusive tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This end-to-end ERP solution needed to streamline and automate their operations. Lawmens management saw technology as the enabler for future growth and a way to help the running of the business.

The solution

The partnership between Lawmens and Geeks started in 2014, with the objective of moving away from paper-based systems and automation of manual processes. 

This initial project went live in March 2015. The first step was creating a client management system (allowing the firm to add new client details). With growing confidence in tech, additional features and functionalities were added to support all business functions and centralise data and communications in a central, easy to use, application. With time, new uses of technology emerged, along with a bunch of ideas we explored and developed to address their challenges. Geeks, working with all relevant stakeholders, built an intuitive system that now serves as the backbone of all daily operations. New joiners are onboarded to this application from the start.

This solution created by Geeks supports and facilitates all business processes and operations including; resource scheduling, finance management, recruitment, project management, location tracking, timesheets, and many others.