Company size

Payzone specialises in providing payment solutions that make payments easy for independent retailers, businesses and customers.

With a network of over 24,000 retailers in the UK and part of the Post Office group, Payzone has dedicated itself to helping small and independent businesses grow for more than 25 years.

They believe in a fair deal for UK businesses.

That’s why more than 15,000 businesses use Payzone for their card payments. They handle in excess of £1.2 billion in card transactions each year, through their reliable, fast and secure card payment solutions.

The challenge

With a growing network, Payzone recognised they needed a long term technology partner to support, maintain and enhance the infrastructure and architecture of their system and applications. This would ensure their systems scaled with them as they grew, utilising technology to ensure they maintained their competitive edge and met their customer needs.

The solution

To understand Payzone’s systems and future requirements, Geeks Ltd conducted a short series of Solution Design workshops. Using VisualSpec™, our interactive and award-winning prototyping tool, we helped them to elaborate on their needs, experiment with different design ideas and get feedback from other stakeholders. 

Whilst maintaining and upgrading key services and products from their legacy terminal, Geeks also worked with Payzone to develop new product and service offerings for their customers. This included a Payment Terminal system, Smart Metering system, and Smart Ticketing and Paper Bus Ticketing system.

By partnering with Geeks, Payzone was able to scale up and down their team in a rapid and flexible manner to be able to meet client deadlines and take advantage of more opportunities to increase their market share.

Our development process improved the code base and testing procedures and has received great feedback from both clients and customers. We also collaboratively added new services and products for numerous suppliers to improve customer satisfaction and choice.