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Our Series spotlights current scenarios and brings innovation-driven topics to leverage from tech and innovation. The industry leaders share examples and talk about actionable ways to help you with practical applications of technology in the business. Watch the space.

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To be really successful in the digital world, businesses have to adapt psychological traits and behaviours that are more often associated with the female mind. In other words, If a traditional business is from Mars, the digital one is from Venus. This is not a trite phrase used to superficially leech the latest cultural trends. In this series, we share insights on how successful businesses increasingly have a more female perspectives on how to organise a modern and future-proof business.

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As another recession stares us in the face, we can use innovation to beat it hands down. To not just survive, but to actually thrive! Technology can help growing businesses thrive in chaos. This is their regular state: constant change, constant reinvention. A recession is not an exception. In this Series, we point out ways to create a recession-beating strategy and impress upon the need to innovate. Sharing practical advice and techniques, we encourage changemakers to keep living with technology in harmony so that together we can transform.

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In the fast pace changing world of business, leaders are under pressure to deliver more innovation. From fostering the culture of innovation in the business to acquiring innovation through M&A, the business leaders need to keep all options open. In this series, we look at the different aspects of the relationship between M&A and innovation. We spoke with experts on both sides of the table on how innovation will be evaluated in the M&A market. We discussed the challenges and opportunities in acquiring innovation and integrating it into the parent business.

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Another buzzword of the tech world. In this series, we aim to demystify AI in the business context with a specific interest in the mid-market, highlighting how AI is shaking them, making some thrive or some nose dive... it is an existentialism topic. Businesses die or learn to create harmony between people and AI and thrive.

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